How to Reseal a Plastic Bag

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The Spruce / Candace Madonna

Let’s be honest—there’s only so much a bag clip or rubber band can do when it comes to keeping your chips fresh. Our method might seem extreme at first glance, but it undeniably keeps chips, pretzels and other bagged goodies fresher, longer (plus, it's kind of fun, too).

Safety Considerations

Because this method involves an open flame, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Your safety comes first, so be sure to keep the flame far away from your body. Some people may find that using lighters with a longer-reach barrel, like grill lighters, more helpful. Keep your hair back and out of the way, and make sure to avoid direct contact between the open flame and your table. And sorry, kiddos, this trick is for grown-ups, only.


Tools & Materials

All you need is a ruler, a hard surface like a table, and a lighter.

Here's How to Do It

  1. Remove Extra Air

    Remove any extra air inside your bag. You can do this by pinching both sides of the bag right above the contents or using a ruler to smooth out the air.

    getting air out of chip bag
  2. Create New "Edge" on the Bag

    Fold the edge of your plastic bag over your ruler, which will help define a new "edge" on the bag.

    You then will line up the edge of your bag against the edge of a table, making sure to place a ruler between the edge of the bag and the table so that you don't risk damaging your table. If you're worried about burning your fingers while holding the edge down on top of the ruler, you can use something else, like another ruler or a utensil, to do the job for you.

    ruler and bag
  3. Use Heat to Reseal the Bag

    Keeping the flame far away from your fingers/hands, hold the flame of a lighter against the edge of the bag, running it along the edge of the bag slowly until the bag is fully sealed.

    resealing the bag

In just three simple steps, your plastic bag is perfectly resealed. Our method is not only effective, but it's also a really cool and handy trick that will help you keep bagged items organized for years to come. The next time you end up with a half-empty bag, break out the ruler and lighter and get to work.