5 Things You Need to Know About Moving Fees to Save Money

Mover Estimates, Extra Charges and Moving Company Costs

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Woman using laptop on floor near moving boxes. Hero Images/Getty Images

If you plan to hire movers to help you move from your old home to new, then you need to understand everything you can about moving fees, costs and how to save money.  While it might seem overwhelming, it's critical to ensure you hire the best mover and that your move stays within budget.

So before you sign your moving contract, find out what type of fees a mover can charge to make sure you don't pay too much for your specific type of move since not all moves are the same. Depending on whether you're moving locally - within the same city or town - or moving to another city within the same state or moving to an entirely different state or a different country, your move may require a specific type of fee.

We start with understanding what makes up a mover estimate or quote, then provide details of the different estimate types and finally, how to save money by knowing the extra fees a mover can provide charge you and specific ways to save money when hiring a moving company.  

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    Do You Know What Type of Move You're Making?

     Before you learn about moving fees, you should understand the type of move you're making.  Mover fees and the type of charges you'll need to pay all depend on where you're moving to, how far, and whether you're moving to another city, state or country.  Know everything you need to know about types of moves before you even start looking for a good moving company. 

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    Everything You Need to Know About Moving Estimates and Quotes

    When comparing moving company estimates, which should be something that you do before you decide which mover to hire, there are some essential facts you need to know to make sure you get the right mover for your particular move. 

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    What's a Non-Binding Estimate and is that right For My Move?

    When you're looking to hire a mover, the company must provide you with a moving estimate or quote regardless of the type of move you're making. So knowing what a non-binding estimate is and whether that's the right type of estimate for your move is essential to deciding on the right mover. 

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    What's a Binding Estimate and is that Right for My Move?

    Just like non-binding estimates, binding is usually offered for specific types of moves. Find out everything you need to know about binding estimates to ensure you're not paying more for your move than you have to. 

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    Extra Fees You Need to Know About

    Whenever you book a moving company makes sure you understand the extent of the additional charges that might be billed to you. These moving company fees depend on what extra services you might need, including whether you live in a house or apartment and how close the moving truck can park to your home. So, before you book, find out which charges might be applicable for both your move from and to your new home.

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    Ways to Save on Moving Company Fees

    Everyone agrees, moving is expensive and even if you budget your move well and stick with it, often you end up spending more than you planned. And although you won't be able to scrimp and save on some things, there are some easy ways to help you save money on mover fees.