How to Save on Top Wedding Trends

Saving on Wedding Trends
Saving on Wedding Trends.
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    What are the top wedding trends for 2017?

    Wedding Trends for 2017 and how to get them for less
    Wedding Trends for 2017 and how to get them for less.

    Recently, the third annual International Wedding Trend Report was released, sharing the top trending features for weddings, from color schemes and themes to technology. Among the list of notable wedding design trends were industrial vibes, mixing textures, marble and other natural elements. In the world of wedding fashion, key trends are ballet-inspired details, lace, florals, gold accents, and 70's style. There is also an increasing trend towards using technology in various aspects of the...MORE wedding. Within this article, we'll share ideas and tips for how you can incorporate these different trends into your big day without breaking the bank. 

    Read the rest of this slideshow to learn about the trends and how to save on them from top wedding industry experts. Also be sure to check out our take on the top wedding trends for 2017

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    Trending: Destination Weddings

    Destination Weddings are trending for 2017
    Destination Weddings are trending for 2017.

    Destination weddings continue to grow in popularity, and that's reflected in the trend report, partly because of their laid-back nature but also because of the affordability aspect. According to Megan Velez of Destination Weddings Travel Group, many couples are surprised at how cost-effective a destination wedding can be. "In addition to hosting a smaller guest list, couples don’t have to worry about having a lot of décor as the beauty of the destination speaks volumes as-is and will...MORE make for stunning wedding photography. Fortunately, natural décor is in this year with greenery as this year’s Pantone color of the year, so destination couples can stay on trend by incorporating budget-friendly elements from their chosen destination.”

    How to get the trend for less:

    Choose an all-inclusive for a destination wedding to save some extra money. Rather than having to reach for their wallet for every expense, couples and their guests can pay one flat rate for their stay and enjoy all of the amenities that a property has to offer. Velez says, "Most of the trendy hot spots for destination weddings have an abundance of all-inclusive resorts available for all kinds of travelers, whether it’s an adults-only celebration or a family-friendly fete.”

    Not only can you find ways to make a destination very affordable, but you also give yourselves and your guests a unique experience. From visiting a locale they've never been to before to incorporating local culture and regional cuisine into your celebrations, destiniation weddings are big on the experience. "In addition to embracing their destination and making the most of the trip, it is also a cost-effective strategy to save on delivery and storage of food, florals and other décor pieces,” says Velez.

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    Trending: Personalization

    Personalization and unique details are trending for 2017 weddings.
    Personalization and unique details are trending for 2017 weddings. Tim Dunk

    Personalization is a key trend this year but you don't have to spend a fortune to pull of custom wedding decor. Velez says “Couples are always looking for new and innovative ways to add to their wedding ‘brand.’ For destination weddings, couples can easily save money by repurposing their personalized items for other uses – for example, welcome bags can double as wedding favors, as well as beach bags for everyone. This allows you to stay on trend with custom pieces at every turn, without...MORE having to break the bank.” 

    Kim Sayatovic of Belladeux Events shares that couples can also feel free to ignore the trends and personalize your wedding to your own tastes. "Quite a few couples these days are paying for their weddings themselves and we’re finding that they are, understandably, budget-conscious. With this in mind, we’d suggest spending money on what truly means the most to you- no matter the trends. For example, a foodie couple would spend more on catering than the décor while a music loving couple will allocate more for the band. 

    How to get the trend for less:

    There are so many affordable wedding decor and detail projects you can take on yourself to save money but still make a visual impact. Enlisting the help of a multi-function machine like the Cricut Explore Air 2 is a great way to get the most bang for your craft tool buck, as this machine can help you personalize just about anything. 

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    Trending: Unique Lighting

    Unique Lighting Options are trending for 2017
    Unique Lighting Options are trending for 2017. Tim Dunk

    Unique and beautiful lighting can really set the mood and the stage for any event. Good lighting can transform a space from dull to dazzling with the flip of a switch! Unfortunately, many traditional lighting packages do run on the pricey side, but we've got some great tips for you to keep costs down on this detail.


    How to get the trend for less:

    Don't underestimate the power of candles. Candles can be very inexpensive and add a certain amount of romance to the atmosphere without a huge...MORE cost. Audrey Isaac of shares, "We see candles playing a front-and-center role in 2017 weddings, as couples look for a romantic and intimate atmosphere for their special day. Save big by placing a heavy focus on candles and LED lights as budget-friendly DIY lighting options. Couples sometimes overlook this aspect, but it’s something that can truly transform a space for a relatively low investment.”

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    Trending: Technology

    Custom Snapchat Filters are a big trend for 2017
    Custom Snapchat Filters are a big trend for 2017. FilteredVows

    One of the biggest trends for weddings is technology, and it's no surprise. As tech advances and new breakthroughs are made in science and engineering, there are more options than ever for ways to include technology in your big day. From custom Snapchat filters to flying drone cameras catching your wedding video, from live-streaming your ceremony to loved ones across the globe to helpful apps that simplify the planning process, you can have your pick of technological inclusions on your...MORE special day. 

    Joanne Jiang of the wedding app LadyMarry says, “It should come as no surprise that engaged couples are spending more time online and on their phones, so expect to see wedding tech apps and programs continuing to play a significant role in the Big Day."

    How to get the trend for less:

    What’s nice about the tech trend is that brides and grooms are inevitably saving money as a result of leaning on technology designed specifically to make things easier, more convenient, and more efficient. After all, time is money! 

    "Enhancing the guest experience is a top trend in 2017 and one of the best ways to create a memorable experience for less is to be attentive when it comes to their tech needs.  Consider renting a charging station in lieu of favors- they’ll be far more appreciated!” says Jiang.

    Want to save on a custom Snapchat filter via custom filter company, FilteredVows? They have an affordable package where they will design and implement your own custom Snapchat filter for a low price!

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    Trending: Amazing Photography Shots

    Stunning Wedding Photography is trending in 2017
    Stunning Wedding Photography is trending in 2017.

    Perhaps you've noticed the trend in visually stunning, artistic style wedding photos. Ones that could literally be hung in a gallery because they're so beautiful. We're talking about amazing sunset photos, picturesque landscape shots and the like. You may be worried that you'll have to pay an arm and a leg for that level of quality, but thanks to one of our trusted experts, we've got a great tip for you!

    How to get the trend for less:

    Mike Busada of Mike B Photography chimed in...MORE on this increasing trend and how you can score these artistic pictures for less. "Many of my clients are now asking to schedule extra time to capture more dramatic photos of the couple along with what we normally deliver.  If interested in this trend but not sure if you have extra in the budget to spare, consider cutting back on photography hours towards the end of the night. Unless you’re doing a grand sendoff, the coverage for the last couple of hours generally consists of redundant photos of people dancing." Such a great tip!

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    Trending: Metallics + Neutral Hues

    Metallics are a huge trend for 2017 weddings, for everything from fashion to decor.
    Metallics are a huge trend for 2017 weddings, for everything from fashion to decor.

    In terms of color schemes, there couldn't be a more budget friendly option than neutrals! According to Audrey Isaac of, “Neutrals still continue to dominate wedding day hues, so consider opting for candles in soft shades of ivory or dove grey. These simple additions are affordable, while still adding a punch to any event design." 

    Not to be outdone, metallic shades, such as gunmetal and copper, are also on trend. Try incorporating these hues and tints into your candle...MORE vessels in the form of votive holders or candelabras. This allows you to have pops of metallics for a minimal investment.

    How to get the trend for less:

    Want the neutral or metallic look for even less? Consider reusing or upcycling glassware, bottles, and jars from your home and hitting them with a can of spraypaint in the hue of your choice. It truly doesn't get more budget friendly than that!

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    Trending: Garden Weddings

    Flower Crown
    Flower Crowns are going to be very hot in 2017. AmoreBride

    Garden weddings continue to be a top request from couples. There's just something so romantic and whimsical about being surrounded by fresh blooms, but they can easily bust your budget. Florals tend to cost a good amount of money because florists often have to order extra to ensure that they get enough good quality, fresh, undamaged flowers to execute your arrangements. Because of this, they have to charge accordingly– essentially for more flowers than you actually need. But fear not! There...MORE are ways to get the blooms you need while sticking to a tight budget. 

    How to get the trend for less:

    Instead of going full-on flower frenzy, find key places to incorporate florals for the biggest impact. Consider a floral crown for your head but a smaller, less expensive bouquet. Play up the ethereal quality without busting your budget! Another option to consider is to purchase your wedding flowers directly through a wholesale supplier, cutting out the middleman markup. You could then either arrange the flowers yourself, or pay a professional to do the arrangements for you. This will help cut back on your floral costs and allow you to get more flowers for a better price!

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    Wedding Trend Report

    Garden weddings are majorly trending in 2017, as are flower crowns!
    Garden weddings are majorly trending in 2017, as are flower crowns!. Rocksalt Photography

     Curious about the full Wedding Trend Report? Read it here