How to Show Your Favorite Celebrities Some Love

Fans taking pictures with a celebrity
Most celebrities enjoy having fans, so have fun but still respect them. Robert Daly/Getty Images

Do you have a favorite celeb that you're obsessed with? Do you show up for every single appearance when they're within a day's drive? That's fine, as long as you don't get all weird and stalker-ish. Even celebrities appreciate their fans having good manners.

Celebrities are used to people acting silly around them. In fact, many of them are flattered—or at least amused—by people who get giggly or squeal when they're around. However, there are some lines you should never cross, or you may come across creepy and strange. If you act too weird, you can get in trouble with the law.

If you want to show a little love to a celebrity or person you admire and respect, there are some things you can do. Here are some tips that will help you be the kind of fangirl or boy that puts a smile on your favorite star's face.

Join a Fan Club

If you are a fan of a sports figure, movie star, author, or musician, chances are there are others who feel the same way. Go online and search for other fans. If you can't find any, start your own fan club. Then write to the celebrity and let him or her know who you are. If you want an autographed photo, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to increase your chances of getting one. Share your good fortune with friends on social media, and you may be able to increase the size of the fan club.

Show Up at Events

Get the schedule of the person's events and be there. Offer to help out, but be willing to take "No" for an answer. You don't want to get in the way or make a nuisance of yourself.

Support the Celebrity

It's always good to show support for the person you're a fan of, and one of the best ways to do this is by buying tickets or whatever else he or she is selling, including T-shirts and trinkets. If fans don't support her, she might not be able to continue doing what you like so much.

Don't Be Creepy

When you're in the vicinity of the celebrity, make eye contact and smile, but don't stalk him or get too close. The last thing you want is for the person to have a restraining order on you. If you keep your distance and act polite, who knows. Maybe he'll take the first step and start a conversation with you.

Show Respect

If you see your favorite star out and about or at a restaurant with his family, don't interrupt. Asking for an autograph during a meal with the people he loves can ruin his appetite and give him a bad impression of you…and maybe even get you kicked out of the place. And never approach a celebrity in a public restroom and ask for a photo or autograph. That would be weird.

Show Sincere Interest in the Celebrity

If you ever get the opportunity to talk to the celebrity, remember that she's a regular person. Mention something specific that you like about her work. If you can relate to a character from his latest novel or movie, tell him. If a song she wrote resonated with you, she'll appreciate knowing.

Another thing you can do is ask about something that you know interests her. For example, if you just learned that she's working on a new album, you can ask when she expects it to be out. Or you can ask an author if he plans to continue with a series. Be specific so the celebrity knows that you care enough to know these things.

Respect Their Time

Most people are busy, and this is especially true of celebrities. If there's a line of folks waiting to talk to her, be brief. Say a few words and then move on. If there is time at the end of the event, it's fine to try to talk to her again, but don't overdo it, or you might have her bodyguards waiting to escort you to the nearest exit.

End the Conversation

Rather than put the celebrity in the awkward position of having to turn away from you, be the one to end the conversation. You can do this by saying something like, "I enjoyed chatting with you. Before I leave, would you mind signing this for me?" She'll appreciate you and will be more likely to give you the autograph you've been wanting.

Be Thankful

If you get an autograph—or even just a few minutes of the person's time—show your gratitude with a simple "Thank you." Don't stand there and grovel, or you'll come across weird rather than polite. If for some reason she doesn't want to give you an autograph, accept that and thank her anyway. There might be a reason she can't do it, and she doesn't owe you an explanation.

Ask Permission Before Snapping a Photo

Before you whip out your camera or cell phone, ask the celebrity if it's okay to take a picture. Chances are, she'll oblige if she has time, but it should be her choice. Honor her wishes.

Don't Ask for Personal Information

Never hound the celebrity for personal information. This includes her phone number, address, or news about her family. If she wants you to know, she'll tell you, but this information has nothing to do with your fan-celebrity relationship with her.

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