9 Tips for Turning Your Spring Cleaning Into a Side Hustle

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The motivation to dive into spring cleaning can be hard to find. You either wake up one morning ready to tear through every drawer and closet, eager to rid yourself of anything that doesn’t bring joy, or you add it to your list as yet another thing to procrastinate over.

But what if your spring cleaning could actually make you money? Thanks to virtual marketplaces like Poshmark, you can upgrade your spring cleaning from an annoying chore to an actual side hustle—you just need to know the ins and outs, which is why we tapped experts on the subject to share the best ways to resell home items.

Meet the Expert

  • Steven Tristan Young is the Chief Marketing Officer of Poshmark.
  • Clara Albornoz is the co-founder and co-CEO of List Perfectly—the online platform that allows resellers to bulk cross-post on 11 peer-to-peer marketplaces (and counting) like Mercari, Depop, and more, instantly with a click of a button. 
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    Yes, You CAN Sell Home Decor on Poshmark

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    Domm Dot Com

    If the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Poshmark is reselling clothes, you’re not alone—but that isn’t the only thing the platform is good for.

    “Selling home decor items and accessories on Poshmark is just as simple as selling your clothing,” Steven Tristan Young of Poshmark shares with The Spruce. It's important to look at all your platform options when it comes to listing your home goods for resale.

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    Don’t Skimp on the Descriptions

    Photos will be the instant pull, but your descriptions are important, too. Young recommends getting descriptive with your listings. “Descriptions containing more than one hundred words increase the likelihood of making the sale by 40%,” he shares.

    One thing to avoid when writing your descriptions? Incorrect or misleading brand names.

    “Avoid adding brand names to your home listing unless it manufactured the item,” Young tells us. “Even if that item isn’t explicitly counterfeit, referencing another brand is a violation of trademark law. The clear and simple rule is if it’s not made by that brand, leave it out of your listing description.”

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    Great Photos are Key

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    Ashley Montgomery Design

    As with anything online, your listing should feature visually appealing—and honest—photos.

    “It’s all about the cover shot—it’s the buyer’s first impression of your item when scrolling,” Young explains. “Lighting and background make a big difference. Well-lit lifestyle shots offer buyers inspiration of what the item could look like in their home and increase the odds of them making the purchase.”

    But on that same note: don’t overdo it. When adding images to your listings, avoid any editing techniques that take away from highlighting the item, like collages or heavy special effects, warns Young.

    “Listings should convey what the items look like in person," he explains. Heavily editing images could misrepresent the item you’re selling. To enhance listings, make sure to use original photos taken in natural light.”

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    Cross-Promote Across Social Feeds

    Desk with computer open to List Perfectly website.

    List Perfectly

    “Social commerce is key with Poshmark,” Clara Albornoz, the co-founder and co-CEO of List Perfectly, says. “Promote your Poshmark closet on your social media channels like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and others. Have friends and family be your first customers so you can build a selling reputation."

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    Know the Trends

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    Dazey Den

    It shouldn’t surprise you to know that the trends we see in other parts of the retail world carry into virtual marketplaces. If you’re hoping to make a sale, this is important to keep in mind.

    “Right now, we’re seeing demand for bold and joyful colors and prints in a post-lockdown world,” Young says. “Our community is turning to bright pops of color to energize their spaces—especially younger demographics. We found that one in four Gen Zers who plan to resell their items want to clean out their closet for bolder and brighter items."

    But if you’re trying to follow the trends, Albornoz has a few words of wisdom to keep in mind during these particularly wild retail times.

    “I keep an eye on what is in demand, not what sold in the past,” she says. “Sourcing is very different than it was a few years ago. You can source online from other sellers on Instagram, or a marketplace dedicated to resellers."

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    Attend a Posh Party

    While the end goal is to sell your gently used items, Poshmark also incorporates a social element. Their real-time virtual shopping events, called Posh Parties, encourage people to meet up on the app to shop, connect, and promote.

    “Posh Parties extend across all of our categories, including home,” Young says. “We recently hosted a “Best in Home” Posh Party, which drove the sharing of 750k listings during the event alone. Our Posh Parties are a great way for sellers to drive more eyeballs to their closets.”

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    Think Outside the Box

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    House of Chais

    “There are many household items you wouldn’t think would sell well but really do,” Albornoz says. “Toilet paper rolls, corks, broken dishes (sell them for a mosaic project), and more can be bundled and sold to crafters or artists that need supplies.”

    “For decluttering, I love to resell older and non-working laptops and electronics for parts,” she adds. “In my listings, I simply explain what is not working and what works, and these laptops and electronics sell quickly.”

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    Treat It as a Business

    If you really want this to become a successful endeavor, Albornoz says you need to treat your platforms as such—especially if Poshmark is your marketplace of choice.

    “Take the time to set up your Poshmark closet or online store with personal branding, including a great picture of yourself, your business logo, mission, and vision,” she tells us. “Link your social media channels to your account.”

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    Be Strategic

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    Tyler Karu

    For your resale game to turn into a true side hustle, Albornoz notes that you need to approach it carefully.

    “To maximize benefits from resale, start sourcing items from your home, reinvest only when you get a good deal on inventory, and resist emotional purchasing decisions when sourcing,” she tells us. “Set a goal of how many items you want to buy and the average price you will pay for each item. The key is to stick to that plan, and growth will inevitably follow.”