How to Stage your Bonus Rooms for Entertaining Sellers

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    Transform your Bonus Room into Usable Area for Entertaining

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    Bonus rooms can be defined as any room that is in addition to your bedrooms and main living spaces but can be multipurpose in nature. For example, a bonus room in the attic space could be transformed into an extra bedroom, second living room, or even a home office. Buyers who love to entertain might want to take a great room and add a pool table and bar for game day entertaining and more. Here is some creative way to stage your bonus rooms this season to appeal to buyers that entertain.

    Basement Remodeling Ideas

    If your home has a basement it can be a challenge to determine what to do with the extra space. Why not use the bonus room area for guests or for entertaining? Remodeling your basement doesn’t have to be a total transformation unless you want it to be.

    Consider hiring a contractor if you have an unfinished basement with exposed concrete to learn how to insulate and add drywall to make your basement a heated part of your home. If your basement is already conditioned consider painting and even adding carpeting or resilient flooring such as tile, slate or rolled vinyl to soften your basement. Consider using the large space for a media center with couches and seating, or divide the space into a spare guest bedroom or exercise room.


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    Try Staging your Bonus Rooms to Appeal to Hobbyists

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    Bonus rooms are a great opportunity to bring out the hobbyist side of buyers. For many buyers the ability to bring their love for music, art, reading, sewing or crafting into another room of the house is essential.

    Depending on how much you space you have in your bonus area look to adding organizational storage in the form of shelving, hooks, cubbies and more for buyers who love to craft or for families who like to have an art room. Do you have a fantastic view from your bonus room? Consider transforming the space into a home yoga studio or a library for buyers to sit back and enjoy the vistas.

    Can’t think of what type of room to stage it as? No worries! Place comfortable chairs in a seating arrangement with music and a television and it can be a transitional space for kids to do homework, hang out with friends, or double as a home office for the adults.

    Outdoor “Bonus Room”

    Spruce up your outdoor bonus room as a porch by staining a wood deck floor or by pressure washing a concrete floor in you have one. A fresh coat of paint to the exterior of the home walls and adding a ceiling fan or even a small fire pit could be perfect for a large and open-spaced porch or lanai.

    Colorful cushions placed on outdoor furniture and lanterns for nighttime entertaining could be just the right touch. If you’re looking to remodel your outdoor porch, why not enclose it and make it a sunroom? Enclosing an outdoor porch and conditioning the space with heat and air can add on to the square footage of your home and allow you to raise your asking price.


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    Keep the Buyer in Mind when You Stage your Bonus Room

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    Consider the demographic of buyers you are attracting and where your home is located. If you live in an urban city, that extra space comes at a premium and you should furnish it with furniture, decor and other amenities to capitalize on the amenities of your home. If you live in a more rural home, the extra space could be perfect for a media room or recreational space with pool table, arcade games, or a communal table for a family game night.

    Neutral Colors

    When decorating your bonus room remember that smaller windows in a basement or fewer windows in the case of an attic bonus room could mean the room feels smaller and unwelcoming. Keep this in mind by adding neutral colors that reflect light rather than too dark of colors that will close in the space visually.

    If you'd like to use pops of color in throw pillows, accent rugs and furniture textiles this will be the perfect opportunity to add personality to your bonus room. Neutral colors in your staged bonus room will also make the home feel part of the rest of the home even if it is far removed in location from the other bedrooms and living spaces.