How to Stage Your Open House to Appeal to Buyers

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Is your open house ready for the masses? What do you do when you want home buyers to notice your home? You hold an open house that wows and impresses, right? It goes without saying that your home must be in good condition for you to hold a successful open house. If it isn’t, potential buyers will step inside, turn around, and walk out. Modern buyers want move-in ready homes. If you want to appeal to them, stage your home when holding an open house. Here’s how to go about it.

Make Simple Updates: Decluttering and Cleaning

When preparing for an open house, make useful updates such as decluttering kitchen cabinets and bedroom closets. Some upgrades are more valuable to buyers than others and they are the ones you should focus on. Declutter, depersonalize, and clean. Clutter causes buyers to focus on things that aren’t important and makes a home seem small (since it has many items). Get rid of unused items or donate them. Additionally, browse decluttering tips online and make use of them.

Next, pack personal items and family knickknacks. For buyers to picture themselves in your home, it must be free of personal belongings. Remove refrigerator art and family photos to neutralize your home. Lastly, clean every nook and cranny and make everything sparkle. A clean home is warm and welcoming. Don’t ignore places you think are hidden from view as buyers inspect everything.

Update Lighting Fixtures Throughout Your Home

Like jewelry on a person, light fixtures brighten up a home and can change the perception of how buyers see and feel. They can make a home look new and they can also make it look old. Some buyers can tell when a house was built just by looking at the outdated fixtures. If your home’s lighting fixtures are old, replace them with new ones.

If your fixtures are new, clean them to remove dirt, grime, and bugs. Make the most of natural light and open window treatments during the day. Your interiors will be flooded with light and everything will look new.

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Consider Interior Design Tips When Furnishing Your Home

The furniture you get should be right for each room. Furniture that’s too big can make space appear smaller while furniture that’s too small can make an interior feel cold. If you have enough money, replace your existing furniture. If you don’t, consider renting furniture. Some companies rent out furniture for home staging.

When renting furniture, make sure it’s new and in good condition. Take time to arrange furniture in each room. Your goal should be to make each room feel homely and spacious. For instance, you can arrange seats around the fireplace in the living room.

Grab Buyers' Attention Immediately With Curb Appeal

Before buyers see your home’s interior, they will see its exterior. First impressions matter as they are the ones that last. When buyers see a well-kept lawn, a lush garden, and a cozy porch, they know a seller took time to prepare for an open house. Enhance your home’s curb appeal by removing weeds from the garden, mowing the lawn, and trimming hedges and other plants. Wash windows and power wash the exterior.

Spruce up your outdoors with flower boxes. Clear walkways and pathways and place new mats on the front and back doors. If you have a swimming pool, clean it to make sure it’s gleaming. Change the outdoor seats and expand your living space. Buyers love outdoor living spaces that are furnished.

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Appeal to Modern Buyers' Wishes

What kind of home are you selling? Is it a small home ideal for first-time buyers or a large one that’s perfect for a big family? When you know the kind of buyers you are targeting, you can stage accordingly. For example, modern buyers don’t want homes with wallpaper and brick fireplaces. If you live in a posh area, buyers will expect some fancy features. Remember that buyers make an offer based on what they see. Don’t expect them to fork out money for a house you’ve never renovated.

For a house to impress buyers, it must be staged. Most homeowners go to great lengths to prepare for open houses but forget to stage their homes. Don’t let it be you. Follow these home staging tips to make your open house a success.