How to Safely Store and Organize Holiday Decor

Minimalist Christmas decor

Genevieve Rusnac / Unsplash

Decorations bring the magic of Christmas to life! The holidays wouldn't be the same without tinsel, handmade made knickknacks, Christmas trees, lights strung everywhere, snowmen, and pine-scented candles. Holiday decor is a very special ingredient to experiencing the magic of the season, but as joyful as it can be, it is often filled with angst and stress when it comes time to taking them down and storing them away. Between having too many decorations and trying to figure out how to pack it up, the magic begins to fade and the stress piles on.

A great way to start this holiday season is to ask yourself why you put up holiday decorations. Focus on the intention of why you decide to display your holiday decorations coupled with these organizing tips, and the holidays will always be a time of joy and magic. Here are our top organization tips for storing holiday decor so you can start the season on the right foot.

Foundational Tips for Seamless Organization

Declutter Every Year

Before you start storing your holiday decor, it is important to backtrack and make sure you declutter your decorations every year. Holiday decorations accumulate quickly and this first step is vital to storing your decor in an organized way. As you are putting away your decorations, pause and take a second to consciously decide if you need each piece of decor. Does it still fit your style? Is anything broken that needs to be discarded? Do you have too much of something? See if the gently used items you no longer need can be donated. Before you start storing your decorations, take the afternoon to declutter all of your holiday decor.


How you decide to categorize is a personal preference. The important thing is that your decorations are sorted in a way that works for you so you have peace of mind knowing everything is in order before you pack it away. Generally, there are two ways one can organize their holiday decor. The first way is to categorize all like items together—candles, Santas, snowmen, etc. The second way is to categorize by room if you set up your home the same way every year. This takes the guessing game out of remembering how you decorated the previous year. Taking a few extra minutes to store your holiday decor by category is the best way to end the season in an organized way.

Invest in Proper Storage

The holidays will be back year after year, so make a one-time investment to buy great quality holiday storage. Invest in sturdy red or green bins so you instantly know what items are holiday decor, and invest in storage with proper compartments for ornaments, lights, and collectibles. You will not have to make this investment again for many, many years, and it will save you time, money, and stress.

Storage and Organization Tips

Separate Your Holiday Wrapping 

Organize your holiday wrapping separate from what you use for the rest of the year. By separating it, you won't have to dig through bins of holiday gift paper when you just need the supplies for a birthday present. One good option is to invest in a wrapping station, or for a budget-friendly option you can create your own. Wrapping stations are a great purchase because they have designated pockets for wrapping paper, bows, scissors, tape, and bags. To create your own, use a large container and add smaller containers inside for specific products. File your gift bags inside one large bag and lay it on the bottom of your holiday wrapping container. Then, organize your bows in one small container on top, your ribbon in a second small container, and your tape, scissors, and supplies in the third small container. Now you have one large container with smaller categorized sections inside to keep everything organized. You can store your special occasion wrapping paper in a very tall bucket or container and store it right next to your holiday wrapping container.

Keep Holiday Pillows and Blankets Fresh

Store holiday pillows and blankets in airtight containers to preserve them and prevent odors. Your holiday decor is stored away for an entire year and most often are stored in the attic or basement where they are exposed to drastic differences in temperature. By storing them in an airtight container, they will last longer and refrain from getting musty or mildewy. 

Use Hooks for Garlands and Wreaths

Hooks are an efficient way to store your holiday wreaths and garlands. If you have a safe place to keep your wreaths and garlands where weather and temperature will not affect them, then hooks are a great option to keep them organized without having to use another container. You can also use hooks to hang your holiday gift bags.

Mark Your Holiday Containers

If your holiday storage bin is not a recognizable holiday color, use a red or green index card, an image that represents what's inside, and a sticker to easily find your holiday decor bins.This label will allow you to keep your containers organized by color and a photo. For example, all the holiday decor bins can have a green index card with a photo of a Christmas tree on it. This will keep your items looking organized, uniform, and easily identifiable.

Frame Holiday Keepsakes

Christmas keepsakes add that extra special touch to your holiday decorations and fill your home with memories you hold most dear. If you are storing holiday letters from loved ones, a great way to store them and use as decor is to frame them. Whether it is a colored drawing from your child to Santa or a handwritten note from your mother, by framing your keepsakes it helps you easily preserve them for years to come. Store all your framed holiday keepsakes in one container with bubble wrap to ensure your most precious decorations are packed safely. 

Pare Down Holiday Photo Cards

Holiday cards are very special, but they can inundate your home if you keep them and store them year after year. In order to avoid this, follow these two steps for storing them in an organized way. First, sort through them and discard any that do not have a special message inside or are a photo card of your closest family and friends. The gift is in receiving a card from someone letting you know they are thinking of you, but if you do not sort through them, they will easily turn into clutter. Save the ones that hold special meaning to you and then store them in a binder so you can flip through your “Holiday Card Memory Binder,” and revisit the memory of your loved ones. Do not let hundreds of old holiday cards pile up in your attic. Instead, turn them into a coffee table decor piece so you can enjoy looking at them every year. When you are ready to store them, they will be organized in one binder to pack away.