How to Style a Bed

bed styling

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The bed is the focal point of any bedroom, so you'll of course want to make sure that's both presentable and comfy. "Styling a bed can make or break a bedroom," designer Dawn Ianno comments. "The bed, in my opinion, should feel like a hotel and super cozy."

So just how exactly can you go about achieving this look? We polled designers on their go-to bed styling tips, which they share in detail below. As it turns out, being mindful about the little details—everything from bedding color to pillow arrangement—can go a long way in making any bed look magazine-worthy. As a bonus, maybe you'll actually want to make the bed every day once you realize how fabulous it can look all nice and styled!

Meet the Expert

Say Yes to White Bedding

Many bedrooms feature crisp, white linens, and the color is a designer favorite, too. "We are big fans of white bedding," designer Maggie Griffin says. And there's no reason to steer away from the shade if you have pets or little ones wandering throughout the home, promise. As Griffin notes, "Bleach can be your best friend!"

bed styling

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Incorporate Layers

When making a bed, Griffin is all about layers, layers, layers. Don't be shy about incorporating a few throw blankets, for example. "I love a nice set of sheets with a lightweight matelasse coverlet and a warm duvet or vintage textile folded at the bottom of the bed," the designer notes.

Utilize Hospital Corners

There's something so satisfying about an orderly bed, and hospital corners will ensure a nice and crisp look, designer Stephanie Purzycki shares. Unfamiliar with this term? "It's a special way folding the sides and tucking them in... so that it the bedding looks neat and even on all sides," she explains.

styling a bed

Maggie Griffin Design

Don't Forget Plenty of Pillows

If you love throw pillows, you're in luck—the more pillows, the merrier, designers say. And you'll want to stock up on quite a few different types and sizes. Griffin generally opts for "a set of euros with standard or king shams (depending on bed size) with a pretty long lumbar pillow or bolster up front." When it comes to inserts, Griffin says that plush down filling is the way to go. And there is a formula when it comes to layout: "Sleeping pillows should always be the back pillows, or the pillows touching the headboard," designer Annie Kersey of Purple Cherry Architects notes. And don't skimp on these. "Pillows can be the key to a great night of sleep, so it’s worth to invest in high quality pillows that are well made," Purzycki says.

If a bed is king-sized, it will need three Euro shams, while a queen bed can accommodate two, Kersey notes. "The best way to envision how to style decorative pillows is to think of an upside-down triangle," she adds. "Start in the back with the largest pillows and taper down to the smallest pillows in front."

Of course, the number of pillows one chooses to utilize on a bed all comes down to one's personal style preference. "If you want something a little less over the top, then incorporate only two layers," Kersey comments. "If you’re looking for a more opulent feel, then add the bolster, monograms, tape trims, fringe, etc. You can change the level of detailing depending on the look you’re going for."

bed styling

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Decide Whether to Fold or Not to Fold

Should you fold your comforter or duvet cover down a bit or pull it all the way toward the headboard? It all depends, Iaonno says. "I like to fold the comforter/sheets over just in front of the pillows, as I feel it give a cozier feel, but this also depends on the comforter and overall feel of the room," she notes. "Sometimes the bed looks better with everything clean and tucked under the pillows." Whatever you do, just ensure that your comforter or duvet cover is wrinkle-free. A crisp look is always in style!