How to Throw a Glamping Party

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    Let's Go Glamping!

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    What do you get when you add glamor to your camping party? Why, a glamping party of course! This luxury style of camping can be done outdoors or inside, just remember to pack the frills. Great for slumber parties or any celebration that calls for cute comfort, the glamping theme can be modified to suit your desired level of luxury.

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    Invite Guests

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    Tent-style invitations made with pretty, pastel colors are the perfect way to invite guests to your glamping party. You can name your “Glamp” after the guest of honor or come up with a cute name that suits your party space.

    To make a tent style invitation you will need:

    • Colored paper, such as cardstock or construction (make sure the sheet you wish to use for the text insert is printer compatible).
    • Tape.


    1. Fold a piece of cardstock or construction paper into the shape of a tent.
    2. Print your...MORE invitation text on another piece of paper. Add decorative clipart, if desired.
    3. Cut the text sheet to fit into the tent. Insert and tape or paste it into place.

    The text for the invitation pictured reads:

    Let’s Go Glamping!
    You’re invited to a glam-camping party at Erika’s house.
    At Glamp Erika the camping is comfortable, so pack your
    prettiest PJs and fuzziest slippers for an evening of frilly fun!
    Glampers Drop-off time: August 10th; 7:00 PM.
    Glampers Pick-up time: August 11th; 10:00 AM.
    Call by August 3rd to confirm your reservation at Camp Erika.

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    Set up Your Glampsite

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    A pretty tent in a cozy space is the perfect foundation for any glampsite. You can use a traditional tent, and then decorate and furnish it with frilly blankets and pillows, or make your own out of your prettiest sheets, blankets or curtains.

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    Build a Glampfire

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Every glampsite needs a glampfire, and this faux-fire is perfect for indoor glamping. To make a faux glampfire you will need:

    • Paper towel tubes.
    • Wrapping paper or decorative duct tape.
    • Orange card stock paper.
    • Glitter.
    • Glue.


    1. Cover the paper towel tubes with the wrapping paper or duct tape.
    2. Cut a piece of orange card stock paper into the shape of flames.
    3. Tape the ends of the card stock together so that it forms a circle.
    4. Decorate the flames with the glue and glitter.
    5. Arrange the paper towel...MORE logs into a circle.
    6. Place the flame circle in the middle of the logs.
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    Pack a Picnic Basket

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    This picnic basket is certainly rustic enough for camping, but the treasures inside are all about glam. Fill a basket with items such as hair accessories, fake jewelry, nail polish, and makeup. Then spread a blanket on the floor for a pampering picnic where guests can give each other makeovers.

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    Make Glampterns

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    These pretty paper lanterns put a glamping spin on the traditional camping lantern. Have guests make these as a party craft and then take them home as a favor.

    How to Make a Paper Lantern.

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    Serve Smores

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    A dab of frosting and sprinkling of sugar crystals is all it takes to “pretty up” your graham crackers. Place two decorated crackers, a square of chocolate and one marshmallow into a cupcake liner. Skewer the marshmallow to complete this individual smores packet. Create several of these to use as a decorative accent on your food table, where each guest can claim their own packet when it is time to make smores.

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    Jar of Smores

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    Another idea for displaying and serving smores is to fill mason jars with ingredients and tie it with a pretty bow. These smores jars make a lovely addition to a glamping party dessert table and also work well as glamping party favors.

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    Glamping Favors

    Image ©Christine Gauvreau

    At your party, you can have guests make homemade bubbles in mason jars. Add a bubble wand and attach your own, custom-designed labels to the jars. These glamping party favor jars can also be filled with things like trail mix, hot cocoa, and marshmallows. More ideas for items on which to attach your own favor labels include:

    • Shampoo.
    • Bath soap.
    • Hand lotion.
    • Manicure sets.
    • Makeup kits.