Inspiration for the Perfect Spring Picnic

Picnic basket with fruit and bread

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How to Enjoy Picnic Weather

You know it’s time to roll out the gingham blanket when temperatures feel just right for picnic season. The weather is so pleasant that it feels like a crime not to enjoy a lovely spread in the nearest bit of outdoor space available. The elements of a perfect picnic? A beautiful location, cohesive theme, delicious food, comfy blanket and fun accessories.


friends walking to picic
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As with real estate, the location of your picnic is the most important consideration. It will help inform both attire and food—you can't very well wear wedges and a sundress or serve an elaborate spread if you have to hike to the location.

Picnic in the Park

public park
Vince Cavataio/ Getty Images

No pretension here! A picnic in your local park is a classic choice. You can generally find bathrooms, charcoal grills and picnic tables available for anyone to use. 

Field of Flowers

Field of flowers
David Keaton/ Getty Images

Bask in the sun's rays while enjoying all the beauty that mother nature has to offer. Packing a lunch that highlights seasonal, locally grown ingredients seems like the perfect choice here.

Greenhouse Picnic

Greenhouse Picnic
Design Love Fest

If the weather isn’t on your side relocate your party to an indoor, covered space like a greenhouse. You will have all the elements of the outdoors but with protection from the elements. A greenhouse picnic can also be fun on a bright, sunny day as well just because it’s such a beautiful backdrop for entertaining.

Greenhouse Picnic from Design Love Fest

Beach Day

beach picnic
Thefieldguide/ Twenty20

A picnic isn’t only reserved for parks—consider taking your picnic to the beach this spring! Depending on your location, you might be early for swimming but you will be just in time to soak in some rays without the hassle of a crowd.


garden party
ChampagneProjects/ Twenty20

Okay, so a theme isn't a picnic requirement per se, but if you're throwing an Insta-worthy party, you better have some sort of through line to tie the event together. This can be a specific theme, mood, or even color scheme. You'll find having these elements in mind helps when you're hit with decision paralysis. 

A Boho Picnic

Boho Picnic
Camille Styles

A spring picnic with a bohemian feel is a relaxed way to approach outdoor entertaining. A couple of Moroccan-inspired poufs, some rattan​ and festive floor pillows are details that make this picnic theme stand out.

A Bohemian Picnic from Camille Styles

A Vintage-Inspired Picnic

Vintage Picnic
Could I Have That

Surrounding yourself with hand-picked vintage picnic pieces creates a unique experience for your guests. Each serving item is one of a kind and feels like a thoughtful touch.

Spring Picnic from Could I Have That

A Rainbow Picnic

Farmer's Market Fresh
Camille Styles

We love the idea of a rainbow picnic to celebrate Earth Day (and every other day) this spring.

Rainbow Picnic from Camille Styles

A Colorful Picnic

Colorful Picnic
Oh Happy Day

This colorful picnic theme is the perfect way to cheer up those gray days we find in early spring. Serve fresh fruit, candy-colored bottles of soda and other vibrant fare.

Colorful Indoor Picnic from Oh Happy Day

A Classic Picnic

classic picnic
Corrine_t/ Twenty20

The opposite of an overly stylish picnic is one with just the bare necessities. A blanket, some food (whether it be homemade, or takeout) and the people you love. If you forgot the flowers, don’t worry! You can just pick some from the nearest field.


picnic blanket
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While any old blanket, towel or sheet will suffice, having a pretty blanket to feast on can really tie your theme together.  

Pillows and Layered Blankets

Outdoor Gathering
Could I Have That?

Layer those blankets and haul out some spare pillows for an extra cushy picnic experience. If comfort is your number one priority, invest in a few throwbeds, which make lounging on the ground an enjoyable experience. 

Spring Picnic from Could I Have That

American Flag Picnic Blanket

DIY American Flag Picnic Blanket
The House That Lars Built

Use this DIY American flag picnic basket for Memorial Day and re-use it again for the 4th of July. This flag blanket will definitely make a statement at the park.

DIY American Flag Picnic Blanket from The House That Lars Built 

Portable Picnic Table

low picnic table DIY
Holtwood Hipster

Eating on a blanket with a table can be a challenge if you are planning a larger meal (or just want to avoid the bugs). For elaborate feasts, consider DIYing a low picnic table. A few pieces of plywood can yield a perfectly serviceable, rustic table or make something a little more finished, like we show here.

Low-rise picnic table DIY from Holtwood Hipster

Watermelon Picnic Blanket

Watermelon Blanket
The House That Lars Built

There is a special feeling that comes with touting around a picnic blanket you’ve made yourself. Perfect for summer feasts, this watermelon blanket is sure to make you smile.

DIY Watermelon Picnic Blanket from The House That Lars Built

French Linens

French Linens
Cannelle et Vanille

If you can bear to use your vintage french linens as picnic blankets they do make a beautiful accessory for the spring picnic season. French linens feel airy, light and make everything you place on them look so pulled together.

French Linens from Cannelle et Vanille


Picnic spread
Samyruby/ Twenty20

A picnic without food is a sorry sight. After all, the meal is what turns "some people sitting on a blanket outdoors" into a bona fide picnic. From elaborate lunches to just cheese and wine, there are plenty of menu options to consider. Keep in mind the weather and how far you'll need to travel to the picnic site—no one wants to eat a wilted salad or soggy sandwiches.

Mason Jar Meals

Mason jar meals
The Decorated Cookie

This idea is for those picnic fans who prefer to plan ahead. A mason jar meal helps avoid the hefty clean-up post-picnic and keeps ingredients from getting soggy. Plus these recipes are delicious!

Mason Jar Meals from The Decorated Cookie

Tartines, Tartines, Tartines

Cannelle et Vanille

A tartines only picnic is such a fun idea! Get creative with your seasonal toppings to create tasty open-faced sandwiches to share. This fare is simple, light and very spring picnic appropriate.

Tartines from Cannelle et Vanille

Cheese + Charcuterie Board

Meat and Cheese Board
Camille Styles

Gather your cutting boards and serving plates to pile on the cheese and charcuterie. A picnic favorite and no-brainer, there will is very little prep required. 

Cheese + Charcuterie Board from Camille Styles

Pan Bagnet

Pan Bagnet
The Golden Girl

A pan bagnet is a French picnic sandwich that your guests will love to share. This sandwich is convenient and easy as you only need one big loaf with your favorite toppings versus many small personal sandwiches.

Pan Pagnet from The Golden Girl Blog

Edible Flower Popsicles

Edible Flower Popsicles
Design Love Fest

Edible flowers, herbs, and berries make for the prettiest desserts. Simple to make and easy on the eyes, these flower popsicles are a festive way to cool off at your picnic.

Edible Flower Popsicles from Design Love Fest


Elaborate picnic
ChampagneProjects/ Twenty20

The right accessories can help take your picnic to the next level (or just make hauling your supplies around a little bit easier). From over-the-top decorations to more practical options, here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Watercooler Makeover

DIY Watercooler
Almost Makes Perfect

Water coolers have a certain tailgate kind of vibe that doesn’t make for the most visually pleasing picnic accessory. This easy DIY tutorial turns your run-of-the-mill cooler into something that looks much more high end.

DIY Watercooler Makeover from Almost Makes Perfect

Build a Teepee

Poppy Deyes

Making a teepee is as simple as hanging an everyday sheet over a tree branch. If you want to step up your teepee game get creative with the material. A painted canvas or Moroccan blanket can add a special touch to your setting.

Host the Perfect Picnic from Poppy Deyes

Picnic Bag

Picnic Bag
A Cup of Jo

This picnic basket is perfect for the park dwellers on the go. Ideal for city living this convenient picnic bag can be an all in one when you are toting your meal to and from picnic time.

Picnic Bag from A Cup of Jo

Basket Liner

Picnic Liner
Design Sponge

Those picnic-goers who love to stay organized will be really into this DIY basket liner. Your serveware, utensils, and snacks will all have their dedicated spot in your picnic tote. 

DIY Basket Liner from Design Sponge

Balloon Wall

Balloon Wall
The House That Lars Built

A balloon wall is a sweet way to celebrate an occasion at the park. All your guests will locate the party with ease and can each take home a bundle of balloons as a favor.

DIY Balloon Wall from The House That Lars Built