Creative Ways to Treat Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day breakfast

The Spruce / Ulyana Verbytska

The first special woman in almost everyone’s life is their mother. So this Mother’s Day, show how much you appreciate all she's done for you by particularly acknowledging this important day.

One of the most important things to do on Mother's Day is treat your mom with the kindness and courtesy she deserves. Here are several things to do for Mother's Day to help you make this one the best she's ever had.

Grow Your Relationship

Bringing a lush Mother's Day bouquet beautifully arranged in a vase adds to the sweetness of the day. Take it to the next level by helping her start, cultivate, and nurture her garden. It'll be one of the best ways to grow your love for one another.

  • Add to her garden. Give her a new flower, plant, or tree to add to her garden. If your mother is an outdoorsy gardening type, she’ll cherish a new rose bush, shrub, or tree that will grow and remind her of her children.
  • Design an herb garden. If your mom enjoys cooking, she'll love an outdoor or indoor herb garden. Label each herb and include instructions on how to care for them.

Give Her a Special Experience

Whatever your budget, you can create a one-of-a-kind experience that your mom will never forget. Experiential gifts are some of the best ways to make new memories.

  • Plan a getaway. Help your mom get away for a few days. Even if you can't join in on the fun, she'll appreciate your thoughtfulness. Cover all expenses and gratuities so there are no unexpected costs.
  • Book a spa day. She took care of everyone else, now it's time for her to be pampered at a local day spa. Let her choose from several services, including hair styling, massage, and manicure and pedicure. Remember to include a tip when you book the gift.
  • Cook a special meal. Make your mom's favorite and most decadent meal for her, including a dessert. She'll appreciate the thoughtful and most delicious gesture.

Choose a Gift With Meaning

When it comes to choosing a gift for Mother's Day, here are a few classic, but meaningful gifts that say you love your mom.

  • Design a collage. Put together a collage of photos from your family's past so she can enjoy reminiscing about her life.
  • Write a heartfelt thank you. Put together a list of things you learned from her over the years. Or, write a thank you note, letting her know how you feel about all she’s done for you and your family throughout the years. 
  • Make a slide show or video. Create a positive show of visual memories that will make her laugh and cry.
  • Monogram an item. Give her an item, such as a scarf, with her name monogrammed. Customize the item even more by adding your birthday and that of any other siblings.
  • Emboss a journal. If your mom likes to keep track of special events and occasions, give her a planner or a journal with an added personal embossed message. Include a matching pen to complete the gift.
  • Slip a photo into a locket. Moms cherish lockets with photos of her family tucked away inside.
  • Personalize a memento box. For the mom who collects and saves mementos, give her a special engraved box.
  • Indulge her reading habit. Subscribe to your mom's favorite weekly or monthly magazine. Or, go the extra mile to give her an autographed book from her favorite living author.

Create a Gift That Keeps on Giving

Give your mother a gift that lasts all year long. Consider giving her a personalized coupon book that she can pull from and redeem whenever she pleases.

  • Breakfast in bed: Let Mom put in her request for a pampering breakfast when she’s had a rough week and needs a little extra rest.
  • Shopping spree and lunch: If your mother enjoys nothing more than a day at the mall and lunch at her favorite eatery, this will delight her and give her something to look forward to.
  • TV show marathon: Offer to indulge an all-day TV-watching marathon of her favorite show. Include popcorn and a favorite drink in her coupon.
  • Clean her house: You can take on the task, or give her a gift card to a cleaning service so she can schedule it on her own time.
  • Driving/chauffeur service: Offer to drive your mother anywhere she wants to go for a day. Or, splurge and pay for a driver-for-a-day.
  • Car wash and detailing: Having a clean car is a joy, but it may not be one of those luxury services that your mom buys for herself. Your mom might appreciate this type of splurge.

Spend Quality Time Together

Though everyone's life is hectic and busy, the best gift is spending quality time with a loved one. Give your mom the gift of your time by planning an event, or simply let her decide what she'd like to do with this precious time together.

  • Try a new recipe together. Cook a meal together. Keep the mood fun and take pictures to make new memories.
  • Play games together. Have an afternoon board game marathon or a game night with the whole family. Or, host a special game night for your mom, but let her pick her favorite games for everyone to play.
  • Plan a weekend adventure. Whether she likes hiking and bicycling, or she’s more of a bed-and-breakfast type, spend an entire weekend doing what she loves.