How to Use Plants as Feng Shui Cures

Potted Plants On Window Sill At Home
Shannon West / EyeEm / Getty Images

Feng shui can feel quite overwhelming considering the amount – and sometimes the look – of various feng shui cures. While your home or office might not like a Pi Yao or a feng shui dragon for the purpose of creating good feng shui, there is no doubt you will not have to argue about the benefits of bringing lush, healthy plants into your space.

We all know that plants purify the air, bring healthy energy, and just make us feel better when we have to spend time indoors. There are numerous interior decorating magazines displaying the beautiful use of various plants, be they tall or small, in order to beautify your home.

Plants as Feng Shui Cures

Plants are also considered a powerful feng shui cure when used right. A feng shui cure is basically an object that brings a specific quality of energy into your space.

Natural Elements

Plants are one of the best possible feng shui cures for any indoor space because they bring vibrant, healthy energy from nature. Of course, any element from nature, such as crystals, rocks, or items made from driftwood, for example, will bring good energy because everything that is natural is good feng shui.

However, lush plants bring a very vibrant, active, and healing quality of energy that is different from any other object from nature. So decorating your home or office with plants will serve as a "cure" for low, stagnant energy because inevitably healthy plants bring more life and joy to any space.


You can place plants anywhere that looks good in your home, and you can also use the placement of plants with specific feng shui outcomes in mind. This brings us to the "right" feng shui use of plants.

Because plants are the best representation of the Wood feng shui element, placing them in specific areas of your home will considerably improve the overall quality of feng shui energy. This is done according to the bagua, or the feng shui energy map. Basically, you will find the best placement of plants as feng shui cures for your home or office once you know the bagua of your space.

For traditional or classical feng shui bagua, the best placement is the following: 

  • East area (Health and Family)
  • Southeast area (Money and Abundance)
  • South area (Fame and Reputation)

If you decide to use the BTB/Western bagua, then the best placement of plants is the following:

  • Mid Left (Health & Family)
  • Upper Left (Money and Abundance)
  • Mid Center (Fame and Reputation)

Choosing the Right Plants

The good feng shui plants are chosen for their overall look and shape, as well as for their ability to purify the air. There are several plants associated with good feng shui, such as the lucky bamboo or the money plant, and then there is a variety of beautiful plants that are used for their overall look and feel.

Be sure your home or office has at least one healthy and vibrant air-purifying plant, as this will considerably improve the energy in your space.