6 Ways to Wrap a Book

Gift wrapped in black paper and red velvet ribbon

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A book makes for a great gift, whether it's a beautiful coffee table book, a beloved classic, or a whimsical pop-up book for the youngest members of the family. If you're gifting someone a book this holiday season, we're sharing six creative ways to wrap it! Instead of sticking it in a gift bag with some tissue paper and calling it a day, make this gift extra special with one of these unique gift-wrapping ideas. From brown Kraft paper and twine for a simple and natural look to hand-painted paper for a personalized touch—creative gift wrapping makes what's inside all that much more special. Let's get started!

Brown Kraft Paper and Twine

Person holding a book wrapped with Kraft paper and twine and a sprig of greenery

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Brown Kraft paper is an inexpensive yet timeless way to wrap a book or any gift for that matter. Its neutral color means it works just as well for a Christmas gift as it does for someone's birthday—you can embellish it with whatever color, style of ribbon, and gift toppers you choose. For a simple look, wrap the book with Kraft paper, tie it with a piece of brown twine, then add a brown paper gift tag to complete the look. To add a pop of color and a little seasonal decoration, place a sprig of fresh or faux greenery under the tied twine that will keep it in place.

Ribbon and Holiday Accents

Book tied with ribbon and a cinnamon stick

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For a quick, simple, and modern way to wrap one book or a stack of them if you're giving someone a series, skip the wrapping paper. Instead, tie the book (or books) with a thin piece of decorative ribbon and tie a nice bow on top. Embellish it with sweet (literally) gift toppers such as a red and white striped candy cane, a cinnamon stick, or a couple of mini shatterproof ornaments.

Wax Seal

Books wrapped in paper and tied with twine and a wax seal

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If the book you are wrapping is a classic novel or historical fiction, why not go with the theme and stamp it with a wax seal? You can purchase personalized stamps to create a seal and wax is available in different colors, although you can't go wrong with the traditional red, especially around the holidays. Wrap your book in wrapping paper as you normally would—tie some string, twine, or thin ribbon around it, making sure that the knot or small bow is on the bottom part of the gift, instead of the top where it would usually be. In place of the bow, use a wax seal for a classic and elegant gift-wrapping statement.

Hand Painted Wrapping Paper

Person holding gift wrapped in Kraft paper decorated with white paint

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Personalization isn't just a great way to make a gift special, it can also make wrapping paper extra special. Wrap the book in plain brown Kraft paper, but instead of leaving it that way, grab a white paint marker or some white paint and a thin paintbrush (you could also use colorful markers as well) and create your own pattern on the paper. Write the recipient's name with the paint, then tie some ribbon or string around the parcel—top it with some pine cones and a tiny sprig of greenery for a unique winter-inspired present.

Gift Box

Gifts wrapped in gift boxes

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For last-minute book gifts or for anyone who isn't a fan of wrapping but wants to make a gift look special, purchase ready-made gift boxes. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and price points—they're offered by countless retailers and online shops. Keep a couple on hand at home to make gift giving in a pinch quick, easy, but just as special. Instead of just placing the book inside the gift box, line it with tissue paper first, nestle the book in, and add in little extras such as a bookmark, a pack of tea bags, and some reading snacks for a fun-themed gift any book lover would enjoy.

Wrapped in Fabric

Books wrapped in fabric

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You don't have to stick with just paper and ribbon when it comes to wrapping gifts. Get creative and wrap a book in a nice piece of fabric. Choose a fabric that's on the thinner side with a pliable texture, not only so that it's easy to wrap the book, but so you can tie a knot that will remain tied. Finish off your wrapping by adding a small decoration to stick out from under the knot, whether it's some greenery, a sprig of red berries, or a cute color-coordinating bookmark to emphasize the book theme.