How to Wrap a Stuffed Animal

Presents and a teddy bear under a decorated Christmas tree

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Project Overview
  • Working Time: 5 - 10 mins
  • Total Time: 20 mins
  • Yield: 1 Wrapped stuffed animal
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Estimated Cost: $10

If your list of people to buy gifts for this holiday season includes little ones, chances are you'll be buying a stuffed animal or two. They're cute and cuddly, but because stuffed animals are not square or rectangular in shape—they can pose a slight challenge when it comes to wrapping them. Instead of just placing them in a gift bag, follow our step-by-step tutorial and we'll teach you simple tips and tricks for wrapping a stuffed animal like a pro.

Before You Begin

Whether you are wrapping a stuffed animal or another object, always make sure that you have a clean, flat surface and plenty of space to work with. A hard surface such as a table is much better when it comes to wrapping gifts than a soft one such as a rug, as it allows you to make nice, crisp folds and there's less of a chance of dirt getting stuck in the tape as you wrap. Choose a surface that's large enough to hold the length of your wrapping paper so that it doesn't get creased, torn, or damaged as you package your loved ones' gifts.

What You'll Need

Equipment / Tools

  • Scissors


  • Wrapping paper
  • Clear Tape
  • Self-adhesive bow
  • Gift tag
  • Gift toppers


  1. Select Your Gift Wrap Supplies

    Start off by selecting your gift wrap supplies—wrapping paper, ribbon, a gift tag, and cute kid-friendly gift toppers such as fluffy pompoms or shatterproof mini ornaments. Keep the recipient of the toy in mind when selecting all your supplies, considering their favorite color and interests to make it extra special and personalized.

  2. Measure the Wrapping Paper

    Once you have your supplies, roll out the wrapping paper face down on a clean, flat surface and place the stuffed animal you will be wrapping on top of it. Bring the two sides of the wrapping paper up around the toy to see how much you will need, then make the cut. You may have heard it countless times, but always measure before you cut, you'll save yourself so much time, money, and hassle.

  3. Secure It With Tape

    Now that you have cut the wrapping paper, fold over the cut side to make an inch-wide border to make a neat edge. Bring the two sides of the wrapping paper over the stuffed animal, with the folded side overlapping over the other—then secure them with a couple of pieces of clear tape.

  4. Create the Base

    Reposition the stuffed animal inside the wrapping paper so that it's in the center—then turn it towards you so that the end with the stuffed animal's legs is pointing towards you. This will become the base that will allow the wrapped gift to "sit." To do this, bring up the bottom of the wrapping paper (the section closest to you) by a couple of inches. Take the stuffed animal out of the wrapping paper and make a neat fold, but don't tape it down.

  5. Open It Up

    Next, gently take that rectangular portion that you just folded over, and open it up so that it looks a little bit like an open mouth—then fold it down so that it forms two triangles— one pointing up and the other pointing down. Make sure that all your folds are nice and neat, and go over them with a flat object such as a ruler if needed.

  6. Create a Diamond Shape

    Take the tip of the upper triangle and fold it down an inch or two, then stick it down with tape. Repeat the same action with the tip of the bottom triangle, and ensure that the bottom is well secured with multiple pieces of tape that will give it stability. What you should end up with after these two folds is a diamond-shaped base.

  7. Stand It Up

    Place your hand inside the pouch that you just created out of the wrapping paper, and stand it up on its base. Then put the stuffed animal back inside, so it can "sit" inside the pouch.

  8. Seal the Top

    To seal the top part, carefully bring together the wrapping paper and make a fold, then make a second fold that you will then secure with clear tape. What you should end up with is a brown paper bag-style package.

  9. Make It Festive

    For a final finishing touch, attach fun decorative gift toppers such as a self-adhesive bow, a gift tag, and any other kid-friendly holiday decorations to add to the excitement of the gift.