5 Ways to Gift Wrap a Wine Bottle

Wine bottles gift-wrapped

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A nice bottle of wine makes for a great gift whether you're going to a holiday or housewarming party, but instead of bringing it in a store-bought gift bag, make it extra special with these creative gift-wrapping ideas. From classic Kraft paper and rustic burlap to a luxurious-looking wooden wine bottle box fit for a sommelier, the following five gift wrap ideas give a wine bottle a festive and personalized touch.

Brown Kraft Paper

Brown kraft paper is one of the best and most versatile supplies when it comes to wrapping gifts. It's easy to work with, has a classic look, and its neutral color means you can use it for any occasion or holiday. Make a wine bottle look extra special by wrapping it in this simple yet beautiful paper.

Lay the bottle down on the paper to estimate how large of a piece you need, then cut it to size. Wrap the bottle in the Kraft paper by rolling it diagonally and securing the edges with double-sided tape. Fold the bottom section of the paper in and secure it with tape, then scrunch up the top by the bottle neck and use a piece of twine or ribbon to make a bow. Add decorative details such as a wax seal, seasonal picks and sprays, or a gift tag to add a nice personal touch.

Wrapping a wine bottle with brown kraft paper

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Wood Wine Bottle Box

If the recipient of the wine bottle is someone who is a budding sommelier or wine connoisseur, make it look and feel truly special and luxurious by packaging it in a wooden box. It will instantly upgrade the bottle and elevate your gift—the good news is you can easily purchase a wooden box with a lid such as this one online. Fill the empty box with shredded Kraft or other paper, then nestle it in the box, and slide the lid to close it. Besides looking nice, the box also serves as a good way to store wine, since it'll keep it cool and away from direct light.

Adding a wine bottle to a wooden box

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Seasonal Wine Bottle Gift Wrap

If you're short on time, there's no reason you can't add a quick seasonal touch that'll dress up a wine bottle without going all out and spending extra time wrapping it. Grab a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the neck of the bottle, making a bow. You can stop there if you like, but to make it look a little more festive, tie on a small decoration such as a pinecone, jingle bells, pompoms, or a cute little gift tag for a simple but thoughtful touch.

Adding ribbon and greenery to the top of a wine bottle

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Classic Wrapping Paper

Gift wrapping a wine bottle in a classic wrapping paper is not as hard as it seems—it may take a little longer than wrapping a box, but here's how to do it (follow our full step-by-step tutorial here).

Place your wrapping paper face side down on a flat surface, then lay the wine bottle down and gently bring the two sides of wrapping paper over it to see how much you will need, then cut it. Starting at one end, roll the bottle until you reach the other, then secure it with tape. Take the bottom end of the wrapping paper and fold it in, stand up the wine bottle to press it down, then secure it with tape. Grab the bottle neck, scrunch up the paper, then tie a piece of twine, string, or ribbon around it—voilà, you'll have a beautifully and professionally wrapped wine bottle.

Wrapping a wine bottle in wrapping paper

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Rustic Burlap Wine Bottle Gift Wrap

Similar to Kraft paper, burlap is a versatile material you can use to wrap any gift, including a wine bottle, to give it a rustic look. Cut a piece of burlap into a square—as for size, you want the length between the two diagonal corners of the burlap square to equal the length of the wine bottle.

Starting at one end of the burlap, roll the bottle, then secure it with a piece of colorful string, twine, or ribbon. Add a gift tag or unique gift topper such as a shatterproof ornament or some (real or faux) evergreen sprigs to add a pop of color and a little extra decorative element.

Wrapping a wine bottle in burlap

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