How Uncluttered Each Organization Style Likes to Keep Their Home

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Okay, let’s face it. No matter who you are or what you have going on in your life, you’re inevitably going to struggle at certain points with keeping your home in order. And the severity of this can fall anywhere on the spectrum: from a total lack of cleanliness to a few items out of place.

Here are some ideas of how uncluttered your home might be based on your organization style.

The Perfectionist

You’re the type of person who loves having everything sparkly clean. From the countertops and the baseboards (yes, you actually notice those!) to the shelves in your child's bedroom, your organization style is all about taking the extra steps to get it right.

You declutter your home by moving through the space systematically—room by room—and making sure everything is in its rightful place. Even if something will take you longer, you do it. For example, you might vacuum the whole house before even starting on out-of-place items.

To you, having order means more than just putting things away: it’s about being perfect (or pretty darn close).

The Minimalist

Your organization style is minimalist, which means you’re all about the basics. When it comes to decluttering your home, like anything in life, you aren’t one for the frills or the step-by-step process that seems to take far more time than necessary. Instead, you’re all about doing the bare minimum to create the simplistic look and feel you’re going for, without losing too many hours in your day.

It’s not that you don't care, you simply care more about things you see as more important—making memories, spending time with loved ones, etc. And for you, having a ‘good-looking’ home is really a matter of perspective. Those who think otherwise are not your people.

The Fixer

You can’t help but focus on the little things and bring them into view.

For example, the house might look clean, but you’ll be so focused on the picture frame that’s crooked on the wall that you’ll ignore the good aspects or neglect the clearly visible dust because getting that picture straightened is the priority.

You’re the type of person who gets distracted from the goal because you let the smaller things take precedent. But, while this isn’t always the best when it comes to decluttering your home, your focus on the small things can help you see things that others often overlook.

The Naturalist

You’re all about the structure and natural order of things. While you’re not a perfectionist by any means, you’re not necessarily a minimalist either. Rather, you tend to look at a space and think about what needs to get done based on the functionality.

If the kitchen or living room is messy, you always lean towards those first. It’s less important to you to do everything or be everywhere and more important to think about what’s natural—socialization, food, sleep, and fun.

The Laissez-Faire Organizer

You’re the ‘anything goes’ type of organizer who tends to soak up suggestions and thoughts from others to make your decisions. Sometimes you’ll put a little more effort in than normal (like when you have guests), but sometimes you’re content putting shoes in the shoe bin and calling it a day.

To you, decluttering isn’t necessarily something you see priority or value in. Yes, you like a clean space, but you aren’t stressed about it. Overall, your approach is pretty laid back. Your things don’t have special ‘homes’. You can put items off to the side and find them later, or you can just leave things where they are—it’s all good.

The Closet Organizer

You’re secretly into organizing, but often find yourself busy or too focused on other things to really prioritize your home cleaning. Your goals fall definitely more towards The Perfectionist, but in reality, your tendencies are definitely more Laissez-Faire.

At the heart, you’re really passionate about having a clean and organized space, but just due to the nature of life, you’re the ‘Closet’ Organizer who grabs everything and stuffs it into a cupboard out of view.

When it comes to decluttering your home, you—like each of us—have qualities, preferences, and habits that make you unique. But whether you’re prone to tossing items in a bin and forgetting about them or very intentional about how you keep your space, hopefully identifying your organization style and natural tendencies can help you be both productive and true to yourself.