cranky toddler
raising cranky toddlers.

You know how before you were a parent and you saw children having a melt down and you thought, “that will never be me?”  And then you became a parent and it was?  It took me awhile but eventually I learned that most of the time when my toddlers had melt downs, it actually WAS because of me, or rather because of what I did or didn’t do that contributed to them feeling overwhelmed enough that they felt like their only course of action was a melt down.


The truth is, most kids, especially when they are toddlers, have legitimate reasons for melting down.  The key as a parent is finding out what the trigger is, and avoiding it.  Here are 5 Ways that I’ve found We Raise Cranky Toddlers.

RUSH, RUSH, RUSH – if you are rushing through the daily routine, your child will know it and it will surely stress them out.  It also sends them the message that they are not worth your time.  Not taking the time to let them eat their breakfast properly, or talk to them while you bath or dress them confuses them and makes them wonder what is going on?

INCONSISTENT SLEEP SCHEDULE – When I only had one child I was the worst at giving my child a consistent nap.  Consequently, I couldn’t figure out why sleeping was an issue.   And, we all know that a child that does not have enough sleep is not a happy child.  If there’s one thing I always tell new moms, it’s to be consistent with nap and bedtime schedule.

  Babies and toddlers need much more sleep than we do and to deprive them of it because we have things to do is just setting everyone involved up for failure.

OVER-SCHEDULING TIME – As a society, I think we over-schedule.  We book our time down to the minute, but when raising a toddler, it’s really important to decide what is necessary and what can wait.

  If it’s not super important, avoid deviating from your little one’s schedule as much a possible.  I know that that isn’t always possible, and that children need to learn how adapt to change, but you need to introduce change slowly, and not so often that the end result is a melt down.  It’s just not worth it.

HAVING A BAD ATTITUDE – And by bad attitude here, I mean me.  Never under estimate the power of our mood on our toddlers.  Our bad mood effects them as surely as our good mood does.  If you want a happy toddler, try to be a happy mama!

 NOT MAKING EYE CONTACT WITH THEM  – When I talk about making eye contact with your toddler, I’m talking about spending quality time with them.  Talking to them, playing with them, and yes, disciplining them when they need it.  Put away those digital devices and give your toddlers your undivided attention.  They deserve it.

Consistent attention, a lot of affection, and a regular routine go a long way in helping to foster a happy toddler.  I hope these ideas help you in your quest to train a truly pleasant toddler with no melt-downs in sight!