A Huge Hot Wheels Parking Garage

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage

Hot Wheels fans, have you seen this huge Hot Wheels parking garage?

Lots of little boys love toy cars. $1 Hot Wheels cars are seriously one of the best bribes for good behavior, ever. Over the course of years, some kids collect bins full of Hot Wheels cars but storing them is always a challenge. 

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Parking Garage provides a lot of fun and excitement while keeping parents happy that cars are not being parked all over the living room!

As kids get older their creativity and attention to detail can impact how they play with their cars.  

First, they might push a car back and forth. Some might line cars up along the living room baseboard and drive them along furniture and walls. Others design traffic jams. Many kids like to create race tracks,  seeing who can race the fastest car to a win.

Since 1978, Hot Wheels die-cast cars have been very popular with kids in the toy aisles. Aside from the cars, there are play sets with interchangeable tracks. Using imagination and creativity both children and adults enjoy designing entire cities and navigating through fun stunts.

One toy that kid Hot Wheels cars Ultimate Garage is not only an amazing play set, but a toy that children will be begging for during the holiday season. For families looking to "Wow" their kids with a birthday or holiday gift, this is it.

For large families with several children or children who have lots of playdates with friends, the set can accommodate multiple children who play together, at the same time.

The toy is large, both wide and tall, so it will need a dedicated space in the playroom, especially if children attach additional track and stunt sets.

There are so many different activities included in Ultimate Garage play set, children can have their space to be able to play near or with their friends, with less fighting over sharing.

Unlike other Hot Wheels cars accessories, this toy includes lots of fun play options, and the parking garage is excellent built-in storage. 

  • The 36 different parking spaces may keep parents happy, as their child's die-cast cars finally have a dedicated storage space children will enjoy cleaning-up and organizing on their own
  • The features of the garage will definitely appeal to children with interests in many kinds of vehicles, as there is a tune-up shop, gas station and fire station 
  • There are 2 elevators that drop cars off at each of the 4 parking levels
  • A spiral track lets cars quickly leave the top floor of the garage, then either launch straight into or through the shark's mouth
  • Friends or siblings can race their favorite cars against each other 
  • A special vehicle rescue helicopter transports cars to and from the helipad
  • Many city locations on the toy at the fire station, helipad, include interactive lights and sounds
  • If you forget to buy additional cars or don't have a large stash at home yet, several cars are included with the purchase of the garage

The playset requires 3 "AA" batteries in order to operate the multiple push-button opportunities that turn on many engaging lights and sounds.


The parking garage takes about an hour to assemble when following the printed instructions. There are many pieces to assemble that are snapped together, as well as stickers that need to be attached.  

While the printed instructions are in a color booklet inside the box, for those who need more specific instructions and benefit from step-by-step directions and can access the internet, there is an online assembly tutorial from Hot Wheels on YouTube that is might easier to understand.

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Set is available on Amazon.com.

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