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Here is a list of FAQs regarding portable humidifier use, care, and maintenance:

Q: Should my humidifier run 24 hours a day?
A: Yes, generally humidifiers operate day and night.

Q: Which Type of humidifier is safer - cool mist or warm mist?
A: Learn why some find a cool mist humidifier the safest.

Q: Can I add a bit of salt to my humidifier to produce an ocean mist?​
A: Never add salt to any type of humidifier.

If can destroy any metal components reducing your humidifier's lifespan, clog your filter and hinder proper operation.

Q: My cool mist humidifier does not produce a mist; is something wrong?
A: You may have a type of humidifier that produces an invisible mist. If the unit is operating and the water level is dropping as it should, the unit is taking in air and returning an invisible mist back into the room. Your operating manual should also be able to confirm this type of operation.

Q: How do I know whether to get a cool or warm mist humidifier?
A: What's the Difference Between a Cool and Warm Mist Humidifier?

Q: What would be a good size humidifier for a bedroom?
A: For an average size bedroom, a 700 - 900 sq ft capacity would be sufficient.

Q: How long will a 2 or 3-gallon humidifier run before refilling?
A: Usually 12 - 16 hours depending on whether you run on low or high operation. A good rule of thumb is just to fill it every night or morning to ensure continuous operation.

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