7 Amazing Live Stream Hummingbird Cams

A hummingbird getting nectar from a pink flower.

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Hummingbirds are fascinating creatures. They are the smallest migrating birds, with most species measuring between 3 to 5 inches long with long, narrow beaks and beautiful feathers of varying colors. They are fast flyers, too, with some hummingbird species reaching a wing beat rate of 200 beats per second. Hummingbirds live on a diet of insects and nectar, depending on the season. To attract hummingbirds into your yard, fill a hummingbird feeder with sugar water to resemble the taste of nectar. In no time, you will have birds buzzing around your yard.

Hummingbirds are adorable and fascinating, but they flit and buzz around so quickly that one encounter is simply not enough. Enter the live stream—the perfect solution for hummingbird fans who just can’t get enough of these buzzing cuties. Watch along to see your favorite birds feeding, caring for their babies, and more.

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    Bella's Hummingbird Nest

    Hummingbird in a nest

    Peet Snyder / EyeEm / Getty Images

    This high-quality live cam is located in La Verne, California, and follows the Bella nest, which has been home to a number of female hummingbirds and their offspring since 2005. Follow along to catch a glimpse of new hatches and watch babies as they grow. The females raise four to five broods each year in a nest about the size of a golf ball with eggs the size of a Tic-Tac.

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    All About Birds

    Hummingbird flying near a red feeder.

    Joe Regan / Getty Images

    Not only can you spot hummingbirds on this live feed, but you can also see woodpeckers, finches, and even wild turkeys. Based in west Texas, this camera is one of multiple operated by The Cornell Lab. The Lab works to connect viewers worldwide to the diverse and intimate world of birds while making watching an active experience. The hope is to use the live cams to connect their audience to nature, inspiring conservation, education, and engagement with birds.

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    Hummingbird Spot

    A hummingbird flying in front of pink flowers.

    SusanGaryPhotography / Getty Images

    Watch this live stream if you’re interested in seeing the wide variety of hummingbirds that live in California. With fifteen feeders near Los Angeles, you will never be bored with this live cam. Hummingbird Spot feeds about 800 hummingbirds each day, going through up to 90 pounds of sugar per week, depending on the season. See black-chinned hummingbirds year round as well as orioles in the summer, and Costa’s, Roufous, and Callipoe hummingbirds on occasion.

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    Tucson Audubon Society

    An Anna's Hummingbird flying in front of a green bush.

    DESPITE STRAIGHT LINES (Paul Williams) / Getty Images

    You can spot the common Anna’s and Black-chinned Hummingbird species on this live camera as well as the not-as-common Broad-billed and Violet-crowned species. Tucson Audubon’s mission is to inspire people to enjoy and protect birds through recreation, education, conservation, and restoration of the environment. Its hummingbird live streams help fulfill that mission by allowing easy access to unique bird species to anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

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    Explore Birds, Bats, Bees

    Four hummingbirds eating out of a hummingbird feeder.

    KeithSzafranski / Getty Images

    This live hummingbird cam is powered by explore.org, the largest nature cam network on the planet. This cam features a popular feeder, commonly flocked to by a variety of stunning hummingbirds. If you don’t have a feeder of your own, this is the perfect cam for you. Live vicariously through someone who lives in a warm climate with a beautiful yard inhabited by too many beautiful birds to count.

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    Hummingbird Spot Studio City Feeder Cam

    Several hummingbirds at a red feeder.

    Carlos Luis Camacho Photographs / Getty Images

    Several hummingbird feeders are in view of this camera, making it one of the most active humming bird live streams out there. The camera is set up at a home in Studio City, California, in the United States, where a longtime hummingbird enthusiast, Carole, feeds hundreds of birds each and every day. Carole says she has spotted a unique Calliope here once before as well as a few Roufous hummingbirds. Mostly, these feeders attract many Anna’s and Black-chinned hummers.

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    The Hummingbird Trees

    A hummingbird sitting in its nest in a tree.

    Mark Newman / Getty Images

    The Hummingbird Trees is another live camera powered by explore.org. It features Anna’s and Allen’s hummingbirds in rose trees where they have nested since 2003. Female hummingbirds build three or four nests here each season, incubating several eggs for 15 to 18 days before they hatch. When they do hatch, chicks eat insects and nectar to grow big and strong—well, as big as hummingbirds get, which is fairly small compared to other bird species. Tune in to this live stream each spring and summer to watch these babies grow up.