Tips to Feng Shui Your Room Into a Beautiful Bedroom

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    good feng shui bedroom tips
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    The topic of good (and bad) bedroom feng shui is one of the most popular feng shui topics. It sure makes sense because good feng shui in the bedroom allows for two of the most important areas of our human life to flourish.

    Having good feng shui in the bedroom nourishes and strengthens your health and well-being, which is unquestionably important. Having good feng shui in the bedroom also creates a stronger flow of love energy in your life. And, without love, is there any joy in living?

    So here are all the bedroom feng shui tips for you to explore and implement as needed. From tips on how to position your bed for good feng shui and how to choose best bedroom colors to answers to the questions of keeping the books (or the aquarium, or the plants) out of the bedroom.

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    All About Your Bed

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    Your bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home because it's the one that can support your health the most. You spend at least 6-8 hours there every night, so understanding how to choose the best bed to support your health and well-being is well worth the effort (and the money you might have to invest).

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    Your Bed Placement

    ornate metal bed
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    Positioning your bed for good feng shui means finding the placement for your bed that has the best energy in the bedroom. Each room has its own power spots, and knowing how to find one for your bed can help create an excellent feng shui energy in your bedroom.

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    Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors and Art

    colorful and simple bedroom
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    Colors are expressions of light and as children, we freely used all colors, didn't we? We used colors to express emotions and feelings, as well as to communicate various messages. In other words, we used color as a way to share specific energies.

    If you look at your bedroom right this moment, what feelings or energies are your bedroom colors expressing? Is it love, happiness, nourishing sensuality, and devotion? Or is it a cold sense of isolation and loneliness? Of course, we're emphasizing here just two ends of a wide spectrum, and there are so many states in between. Learn the feng shui power of color and find out how to choose best, most nourishing colors for your own bedroom.

    The same criteria apply to your bedroom art. Is it beautiful, uplifting, loving? Are you actually connected to its energy and message? Does it belong in your bedroom? Understand the feng shui of your bedroom art and what powerful role the so-called unnoticeable details play in your daily sense of well-being.

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    Bedroom Not to Do to Your Bedroom

    bed headboard in squares
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    Learning what not to do in your bedroom is as important as learning what to do! Sometimes, this can even be a powerful shortcut into really feeling good versus bad feng shui energy in the bedroom, and knowing, on a deeper level, what makes a good feng shui bedroom. Below are many feng shui "what not to do" tips that will help you, in an easy and entertaining way, to create good feng shui!

    How Not To Feng Shui Your Bedroom

    What NOT To Have in Your Bedroom

    9 Feng Shui Bedroom Decor Mistakes To Avoid

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    Solutions to Bedroom Challenges

    bed with pillows and bag
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    Each bedroom — just like each person in your life — will present you with specific challenges to deal with. Some can be really easy, and other might seem impossible. You might have a bedroom that only allows for your bed to be placed under the window (bad feng shui!), or maybe facing the bedroom door or a big mirror. We have tips for all possible bedroom challenges in the articles below, see which tips will work best in your bedroom.

    How to Overcome Challenges to Your Bedroom's Feng Shui

    How to Clear Your Bed of Bad Feng Shui Energy

    5 Good Feng Shui Bedrooms We Love

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    Bedroom Location and Design in a Good Feng Shui Floor Plan

    Alarm clock on nightstand next to bed
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    If you are lucky to be in the process of building or renovating a house, it can be enormously helpful to know the basics of a good feng shui floor plan. There are actually guidelines for the best positioning of the bedroom within the flow of your plan, as well as the basics of good feng shui bedroom design.

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    Bedroom with blue accent wall.
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    Now that you have access to a wealth of feng shui tips for your bedroom, which ones are you going to apply first? If you have been applying feng shui for a while, which ones made the biggest difference? Feel free to share your experiences or ask questions at the ​Feng Shui for Modern Living facebook community.