I Finally Tackled My Outdoor To-Dos Thanks to This Lightweight Chainsaw

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Battery-powered Husqvarna chainsaw cutting through a large stump.

Cori Sears

Anyone who’s familiar with chainsaws knows that gas-powered chainsaws are the way to go if power is what you’re after. Gas-powered chainsaws are typically more powerful and efficient than battery-powered chainsaws, eliminating the need for battery recharging which can interrupt projects.

However, gas-powered products tend to be inconvenient for the average homeowner. Most people don’t like storing gas canisters on their properties, and gas-powered chainsaws are known for being louder and heavier than battery-powered products, which can be a nuisance to homeowners (and their neighbors). So when my fiancé and I heard about the new MAX Battery Series from Husqvarna, we were interested in trying out the Husqvarna Power Axe™ 350i chainsaw to see how it stacked up.

Husqvarna Power Axe™ 350i With Battery Charger

Battery powered chainsaw


Husqvarna is a leading expert in innovative lawn, forest, and garden products. The MAX Battery Powered Series is the brand’s first fully battery-powered lineup for residential use that promises to exceed the power and performance of gas-powered products. My fiancé and I were ready to put that promise to the test.

We live in a small bungalow that sits on an old lot in the middle of our city. When we first bought our house a few years ago, to say the property was in rough shape would be a huge understatement. Our yard looked like an overgrown forest, with a few large trees scattered amongst unruly underbrush and a literal junkyard at the back. Most notably, a large boxelder domineered the yard along with a sad and overgrown apple tree that clearly hadn’t been cared for properly in years.

It took a few intense months of landscaping for us to get it all somewhat cleaned up, or at the very least safe to walk around in. However, there are a few things that we are still working on nearly three years later. Mainly the aforementioned boxelder and apple tree. We used these two landscaping projects as our test for the new chainsaw.

Two years ago, we had the boxelder professionally cut down by a local arborist. However, we did not have the stump fully ground down and removed, so a large portion of the stump still remains on our back property line today. Our back neighbor actually had a fence built over top of the stump, so it’s now strangely encased in our back fence. We do hope to eventually cut the whole thing down, but we haven’t had the proper tools to do it. We've also been cutting back the apple tree every year in an effort to get it under control. 

Previously, we were using another battery-powered chainsaw for these types of projects but it simply was not stacking up. The power it could provide just wasn’t adequate, and it continually stopped working in the middle of cuts. The battery also wasn’t lasting very long. Overall, it was a frustrating and fruitless experience that left us with a bad taste in our mouths for battery-powered chainsaws.

However, it only took a few minutes with the Power Axe™ 350i to change our minds. My fiancé initially tested it out on the apple tree and then took it back to the huge boxelder stump for its ultimate test.

When I tell you this chainsaw cut through the tree stump like butter, I’m not exaggerating. I was completely shocked. It truly made light work of it where the previous battery-powered chainsaw stood no chance. It was also surprisingly quiet, considering the task at hand. I could stand right next to the chainsaw to snap a few pictures of it doing its thing and I was hardly phased by the noise—a huge plus in my eyes!

Compared to a gas-powered chainsaw, the Power Axe™ 350i is also lightweight and easy to use and maneuver, which is ideal for residential projects. It’s also important to note that the battery life is quite impressive, managing to make it through hours of use with plenty of battery left. 

Husqvarna Max Battery Powered series Power Axe 350i chainsaw.

Cori Sears

This is truly the best battery-powered chainsaw that we have ever used, and other reviewers of the product on the Husqvarna site seem to agree. While there will always be a time and place for high-powered gas chainsaws, the new MAX Battery Series has set the bar high for residential battery-powered lawn, garden, and forest products. Husqvarna is clearly an industry leader for a reason.

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