Check out Highway 411 Yard Sale

Fall foliage of the Smoky Mountains on highway 411

Robert Cable / Getty Images

Many home and garden TV shows have popped up to remind the American viewer of the quaint charm and good deals to be found at yard sales. Pickers and deal hunters alike can find lots of things worth buying on the many highway long yard sales that take place all over the South. Enjoy yard sale treasures and gorgeous fall foliage as you travel from Alabama to the scenic Smoky Mountain area of Tennessee at the Hwy 411 Yard Sale. Held annually since 2003, the Hwy 411 Yard Sale spans three states and more than 250 miles. It's a fun way to see America while hunting for deals. 

The Route

  • More than 250 miles along U.S. Highway 411
  • From Leeds, Alabama to Knoxville, Tennessee, with stops in Cave Spring, Georgia

Dates and Times

  • Held annually at the end of September/first of October
  • In 2019, the dates are Wednesday, October 2 through Saturday, October 5
  • Rain or shine, open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Hwy 411 Yard Sale Tips

  • Watch for signs leading to off-highway sales, especially as you pass through cities and towns.
  • Look for clustered yard sales in open fields and parking lots.
  • You can find chain hotels and motels in the larger cities along the highway. If you're looking for more rustic or romantic places to stay you can try one of the states many bed and breakfasts. 
  • Wear comfortable lightweight clothing and take lots of sunscreens to protect your skin. The American South in late summer means super-hot temperatures.​​
  • Feel free to haggle for lower prices on things you like with hefty price tags. You'll likely have the most luck haggling on the last day of the yard sale. The sellers will be tired and ready to have that merchandise gone. If you choose to haggle make sure you're also actually willing to pay the final price. No one likes having their time wasted. 
  • Read highway yard sale shopping tips before you head to the sale and make sure you take your treasure hunting toolkit. You'll be prepared to shop like a professional picker.
  • Have your car serviced before you hit the road and make sure your air conditioner is working. You do not want to stranded on a Southern highway in the summer heat.
  • If you intend to buy things like records remember to crack your car windows or risk your records warping in the summer heat. 

Information for Vendors

In many places it's fine to set up a booth anywhere along the route, just make sure you're not on anyone's private property. Go early and look for places where other vendors are setting up shop. Ask your neighbors if the spot you've staked out is empty to avoid cutting in on another vendors turf. 

More Information

For more information about the Hwy 411 Yard Sale, visit their Facebook page where you can also connect with any friends you made along the way. Or you can call (706) 381-5037.