Hygrometer - Definition and Practical Use

Digital Hygrometer
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A Hygrometer is a device that measures atmospheric humidity in the room where it is located and provides a read-out percentage. It does not control humidity, but rather enables you to monitor the level, so you can take the proper action to maintain a proper moisture balance in your home.

It helps you to know whether your room or home has too much or too little moisture and requires a dehumidifier to remove the excess, or a humidifier to add more in order to make the room or home more comfortable.

Rather inexpensive, hygrometers are sold as small digital battery-operated units or as part of a group of air quality measurement devices.

Pronunciation: hy.gro.me.ter

Also Known As: humidistat

Common Misspellings: higrometer

Examples: A hygrometer can help you confirm humidity levels in your home so you can take action to correct the imbalance and then it can help you to monitor the air on a continual basis. Small hygrometers are inexpensive and easy to find. They are often combined with a thermometer. Hygrometers are also available as part of a more decorative wall plaque with other air measurement devices.