Ideas for a Home Decor Business

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Do you love decorating but don’t want to bother with a degree in design? Go into decorating sales. Starting your own home decor business can be a fun and financially rewarding way to dabble in interior decorating.

There are several do-it-from-home direct sales companies that focus on decorating and design. Starting with one of these companies can be a good way for beginners to break into the decor sales business. Going through a direct sales company means that there are little risk and start-up costs for you, and most of the inventory, overhead, and paperwork is taken care of by someone else.

Below is a sampling of companies that offer home decor independent sales. There are also many direct-sale business opportunities that offer more specific items for the home, such as candles, baskets, knives, and cookware. And don’t forget about home service business opportunities, such as faux finishing, decorating, painting, cleaning, and home staging.

  • At Home America: At Home America features casual, country-style home decor items from candles to tabletop to organizing.
  • Celebrating Home: Celebrating Home offers a vast selection of traditional-style home decor and accessories along with garden and patio accents.
  • Linen World: Linen World focuses on all types of home products, from sheets to kitchen tools.
  • Princess House: Princess House features home decor, food, serving and kitchen items.
  • Signature Home Styles: Signature Home Styles offers a wide variety of home accessories and decor, from traditional to contemporary.

How to Decide If Decor Sales Is for You

First off, self-motivation is key to running any home-based business effectively.

Know that you will be working your own hours, considering that most home decor sales parties take place in the evenings and on weekends. Are you willing to commit to nontraditional hours?

Now, you can’t look at decor as strictly a job. Your enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for your products will show, so choose your products wisely.

Lastly, can you sell to others without buying for yourself? Note if you spend all your profits on your products, you won’t make any money. Be careful not to purchase anything you don’t truly need.

Tips for Beginning a Home-Based Sales Business

  • Before you begin any home-based business, do your research. Check out the history and integrity of the company you are interested in representing to make sure you would be making a sound investment.
  • Research the home business tax laws in your state. As an independent consultant, you’ll be responsible for your own taxes.
  • Search out other consultants and interview them on their successes and failures within the company. Ask for their seasoned advice.
  • Take time to write down a business plan, focusing on marketing analysis and sales strategies.