Ideas for Decorating Your Garden with Everyday Items

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    Soap Bubbles in the Stream

    Garden Decorations - Gazing Globe Soap Bubbles
    From the Gardens of Magpie Garden Decorations - Gazing Globe Soap Bubbles. Photo Courtesy of Magpie

    Garden Whimsy or Garden Junk?

    About Gardening Forum member, Magpie, threw down the gauntlet with these photos of what she called her 'Garden Junk'. She hoped other members would show their personal garden design style with photos of the decorations in their own gardens. Well, we're still waiting for someone to answer the challenge.

    Magpie's heading 'Garden Junk' doesn't begin to do service to her sense of humor and style. I'm sure she can't be alone out there in having fun using everyday items to add an element of surprise to her gardens. If so, I hope these photos inspire you to add some unexpected whimsy to your own gardens. If you do - or already have - send in your photos to share. We're all always looking for more ways to express ourselves in the garden.

    Whether you're a fan of gazing globes or not, you have to do a double take at this 'soap bubble'. "Every 'kitchen' garden needs soap bubbles. $35 gazing ball carefully placed in my little stream"

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    A Better Use for the Laundry Tub

    Country Style Garden Decorations
    From the Gardens of Magpie Country Style Garden Decorations. Photo Courtesy of Magpie

    I know most gardeners don't worry about housework during summer. Who can keep up with all the mud we track in anyway? So put your thoughts of laundry to better use. "A wash tub, Home Depot and just a few dollars, with a new from PA scrub board. Notice the soap bubble again!!!"

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    Wash Tub Planter

    Garden Art - Old Wash Tub as Flower Planter
    From the Gardens of Magpie Garden Art - Old Wash Tub as Flower Planter. Photo Courtesy of Magpie53

    I think we have a theme here. I wonder what the experts would make of Magpie's fascination with moving the laundry room outside? "The wringer-washer, free, that dh said was NOT going in the garden. After some spray paint and careful placing, he didn't notice it for 3 days! the white petunias represent soap suds."

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    Decorating the Garden Path

    Decorating the Garden Path
    From the Gardens of Magpie Decorating the Garden Path. Photo Courtesy of Magpie

    Very sly. At first glance I couldn't figure out what those round pieces were. "A muffin tin, 25 cents, upside down on the garden path." Just think of the odd bits that would become conversation pieces along pathways.

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    Tea Time

    Tea Set Garden Decorations
    From the Gardens of Magpie Tea Set Garden Decorations. Photo Courtesy of Magpie

    Every garden should have a place for entertaining and this spot is almost too much of a tease. It's not break time just yet. "A children's tea set, $3, on a little stand, $1."

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    Even the Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen Sink Garden Fountain
    From the Gardens of Magpie Kitchen Sink Garden Fountain. Photo Courtesy of Magpie

    Never tell someone they've used everything but the kitchen sink. In my experience, they will find a way use it. "Dh said one day that I had everything but the kitchen sink, so I had to get one. $35, on an old aquarium stand, $3. Dh decided we needed a pump, $50, so the overflow from our well comes out through the pump, into the sink, and down the drain into the little stream." Sounds like Mr. Magpie has finally thrown down the towel and joined in the fun.