Ideas for Laminate Tile Flooring

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Laminate flooring comes in three basic iterations: wood, stone, and tile. The composition, in either case, is particle board with a photographic layer on top; it's just the look of the flooring that changes.

So, when you get down to it, there really is no such thing as laminate tile flooring. In many cases, you'll find that you're dealing not with typical tile shapes (i.e., 12"x12") but with long planks visually divided into 3 or 4 "tile" sizes.

The good thing is that laminate tile flooring has, in a visual sense, come to more closely resemble tile. Not only that, laminate tile floor provides a softer surface for walking and standing for long periods.

The downside is that real tile--ceramic, porcelain, natural stone--stands up well to water; laminate tile floor does not.

Essential Facts - Laminate Tile Flooring

  1. Not Real Tile: It's laminate floor made to look like tile.
  2. Plank or Tile: You will find laminate tile flooring in squares (i.e., 15.5" x 15.5") or in long planks comprised of three or four tile shapes.
  3. Click, Not Mortar: Real ceramic tile installation takes expertise. Laminate tile flooring installation is 100% (no mortar) and the pieces typically click together.
  4. Stone or Ceramic: You'll find a lot of natural stone looks (travertine, marble, etc.) or simply finishes that aim to look like ceramic tile.
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    Cobblestone Style Laminate Tile Flooring

    Laminate Tile Flooring Stone

    This laminate tile flooring from Mannington, part of its Revolutions series, is a good example of how far you can go with laminate.

    This stone-style laminate tile floor emulates a cobblestone arrangement. A Teflon wear layer ensures durability. It's a no-glue, clickable laminate that goes down fast.

    Compare Prices: Mannington Revolutions Laminate Tile Flooring

    The reason Revolutions installs so quickly is because it comes in planks. Each plank is a full 50.5" long, 12.75" wide. So, basically, when you lay down a plank, you're laying down 4 "tiles."

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    Firestone Laminate Tile

    Mannington Revolutions Tile Firestone Laminate Flooring
    Mannington Revolutions Tile Firestone Laminate Flooring Mannington

    In our previous image, we saw an example of Mannington Revolutions laminate tile flooring. Because I like this Revolutions series so much, I'm including another example here.

    This is plank-style laminate tile flooring. Each plank contains 64 smaller "tiles," saving you considerable time during installation.

    It's a handsome laminate tile that should serve you well for years to come.

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    Copperstone Laminate Tile Floor

    Laminate Tile Floor
    Berry Floors

    Some of the better styles of laminate tile flooring aren't trying to duplicate anything found in the natural world. This Copperstone from Berry Floors is a good example.

    Compare Prices: Berry Floors - Copperstone Laminate Tile Flooring

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    Plank Laminate Tile Flooring

    Laminate Tile Flooring Plank
    Berry Floors

    Another nice laminate tile floor offering from Berry Floors. This one is plank-style (about 47" x 15.5") and installs fast, due to the click-style joining method.