How to Organize Tupperware

Tupperware of varying sizes stacked next to each other.

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Let’s face it—nobody has the time to constantly clean up messes. So, why not put measures in place to prevent messes from even happening at all? That’s what organization is all about. And, honestly, a majority of messes take place in the kitchen, which means it’s the absolute best place to keep organized.

When it comes to organization, the sky’s the limit. You can organize absolutely anything. That drawer full of junk? Organize it. The fridge? Organize it. The Tupperware drawer? You guessed it—organize it. Once you’re ready to dive in, take a look at these helpful tips to organize your food storage containers with finesse.

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    Store Lids Vertically

    Multi-colored containers stored vertically.

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    To save even more space in your Tupperware cabinet or drawer, store lids vertically instead of horizontally. Not only will this method make a compact storage space, but it will also make grabbing your Tupperware so much easier. Having a designated space for vertically-stored lids means no more digging through lids to find just the right one that matches the container you picked out. Each lid will be displayed clearly so you can choose the perfect one on your first try without making a mess of your space.

    To store lids vertically, you can use a number of storage solutions. You can DIY your own lid holder or even buy a storage solution from your nearest big box store or organization store. There are even plenty of non-DIY options on the internet.

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    Stack Containers

    Beige Tupperware containers stacked together.

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    Whether you have tons of space for storage in your home or a measly amount in your small kitchen, you should utilize stacking methods to best organize your food containers. Stacking the containers, or nesting together ones that fit, saves space and also creates a seamless solution that will allow you to easily grab what you need when you need it. No more shuffling through drawers or digging through bins to find the right Tupperware!

    If you have enough space, create stacks of containers that are the same size and store them side by side so that you can easily grab the right size needed. If storage space is an issue, you can always nest the smaller containers in the larger ones. Just make sure it’s easy to see which size is which so you can quickly grab the one you need when the time comes.

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    Arrange by Size

    Tupperware of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

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    Food storage containers and lids come in all shapes and sizes. Some sizes are great for storing large items like leftover chicken breast or vegetables while others are perfectly suitable for storing liquids like salad dressing. Each one should have its very own place in your storage cabinet or drawer. 

    Arrange each food storage container by size, placing containers of the same size nested together and lids of the same size side by side. Making sure everything is organized by size will make it easier for you and other members of your household to find what’s needed, even in a pinch.

    Organizing containers by size will also just look aesthetically pleasing. If you’d like to go above and beyond, you could also organize by color or material (glass vs. plastic or aluminum).

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    Utilize Drawer Dividers

    Tupperware organized in a drawer.

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    If your Tupperware lives in a drawer, you can keep that drawer extremely organized by utilizing dividers to keep lids and containers separate. You can also use the dividers to keep containers of different sizes separate so things don’t mix together and create a mess.

    You can find drawer organizers at most office stores or big box retailers and usually they aren’t very expensive. Make sure you measure your storage space before you head off to find these space-saving items in order to get the perfect fit.

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    DIY Solutions

    A kitchen drawer with wooden organizer inside.

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    Don’t want to shell out the cash for a manufactured storage solution? Not to worry. There are plenty of storage ideas on the internet and most of them are made from extremely inexpensive materials or even reclaimed ones. For example, you can repurpose an old cereal box into a container to hold your Tupperware lids. Make more than one to hold different sizes and you have a wonderful, cheap, and low-effort storage solution.

    You can also make your own drawer organizers out of scrap wood instead of heading to the store to buy pre-made ones or use tension rods as makeshift organizers to keep lids contained to their own space. There are so many great ideas out there that will help you DIY your way to an organized and functional space.

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    Keep Containers and Lids Separate

    A jumble of colorful Tupperware lids.

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    Throwing containers into the cabinet all in one piece with each lid attached to each container may save you a few seconds of time in the short run, but in truth, this method is haphazard and will inevitably lead to an unorganized mess. 

    Instead, separate your containers and lids to create a more manageable Tupperware drawer or cabinet. When you go to grab one while packing your lunch or putting away leftovers, you won’t be facing a disarray of toppling containers. You will find an organized drawer with everything you need. And every item will have its own place.