9 Ideas for Putting an Emerald Green Sofa in the Living Room

Luxe Emerald Green Sofa Gold Accents

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Green sofas, particularly ones of the emerald-hue and velvet variety, have surged in popularity over the past few years. They’ve been proliferating Instagram and interiors for the rich, bold pop of color they provide — and for good reason. The colorway evokes a sense of regality balanced with playfulness. Not to mention, it adds lots of depth and dimension.

However, since green sofas are such a bold design choice, it’s important to style them in the living room appropriately. You’ll want to consider what pieces, colorways, and fabrics it will pair best with  — plus, how you want to accessorize it in terms of throws, pillows, and more. To give you some inspiration — and prove that doing it right is totally possible — check out these ideas for how to masterfully put a green sofa in the living room.

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    Get Glowy

    Glowy Organic Green Sofa Living Room

    @mrcigar / Instagram

    Nothing shows off a green sofa's sheen better than some soft glowy lighting. Take notes from designer Ron Goh, who opts for a curvy tufted emerald couch in his living space. Multiple sources of damp lighting create a soothing ambiance, letting the accent seating truly shine. He pairs it with lots of nature-inspired elements —including a rough-cut stone table, mushroom lamps, thriving monstera, and botanical prints — to play off the grassy hue.

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    Use Animal Prints

    Animal Prints Green Sofa Living

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    Take a trip to the jungle. With green being a lush color found abundantly in the tropics, it only makes sense to style a green sofa within that theme. Here, for example, Brexton Cole Interiors has a throw pillow and bench in bold animal prints nearby. Accents like a hummingbird portrait and faux elephant tusk add to the wild feel. The Jungle Book scene is complete with botanical wallpaper to tie this wild room together.

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    Pair With Pink

    Classic Elegant Green Sofa Living Room

    @the_housedowntheroad / Instagram

    Pink might be an unexpected color to pair with a green sofa, but the hue actually softens and brings out the warmth in an emerald tone. It has become an increasingly common color combination in both modern fashion and interiors for the bold two-toned look it provides. Here, interior designers from The House Down The Road chose a dusty rose paint color and accent chair to complement their green couch. A marbled rug, playful art, and patterned pillows top it off for a carnivalesque feel.

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    Go Modern

    Modern Green Sofa Living Room

    @midinmod_furniture / Instagram

    Due to its association with regality, a deep green sofa can instantly elevate a space. It looks especially chic with modern and minimalist touches. This space, for instance, keeps things simple with a plush white throw and linen pillow to accent the bolstered and tufted couch. The abstract painting above contributes to the contemporary style, while wooden side tables balance the space out with organic warmth.

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    Add Classic Touches

    Classic Touches Green Sofa

    @sofasandstuff / Instagram

    A green sofa brings a fresh feel to classic spaces. This couch is set in a traditional silhouette, topped with matching olive-toned pillows for a monochrome, ubiquitous look that allows it to take center stage. More personality is introduced with decor alongside. This includes a leafy-printed ottoman which adds fluidity reminiscent of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Meanwhile, a sculptural fringe floor lamp with scalloped details exudes curvy, dimensional detail.

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    Create a Lush Look

    Lush Green Sofa Living Room

    @isysinteriors / Instagram

    When it comes to green sofas that feature velvet, it works wonders to juxtapose the luxe fabric with materials like leather and metals. This allows for a balance between the softness of the velvet and the roughness of other materials like leather, creating more depth and complexity. In this living space, Isy's Interiors took on an urban jungle look, mixing modern pieces with lush accents — including a palm tree-inspired light fixture and bold B&W botanical wallpaper — to mimic the greenery outside.

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    Go for a Tropical Feel

    Tropical Green Living

    Per Magnus Persson / Getty Images

    Going green? Then, why not go full-on tropical? A verdant couch is the perfect excuse to bring vacation vibes to your very own home — especially if you have sunlight-drenching windows like in this space. The couch is topped with vibrant jewel tones, like lapis and amethyst throw pillows, to create a lively feel. Matching glass accessories — and even some bright indoor umbrellas — round out the breezy look.

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    Incorporate Gold Accents

    Glam Green Couch

    FollowTheFlow / Getty Images

    A true emerald green sofa exudes luxury, and thus pairs beautifully with other opulent tones — particularly gold. This space features the hue in delicately patterned pillows, accent tables, lighting, mirrors, and even an ottoman. Try opting for clean lines with a gold and green color combo, too — as it amps up the elegance.

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    Go Green Everywhere

    Green Living Room

    Boris SV / Getty Images

    On the flip side, green can be such a soothing color, too. This space fully embraces the earth tone, setting a low-profile sofa against lofty mint walls. Further verdant accents complete the scene, with plenty of houseplants and bright green window trim. Simple cream tones offer a respite from the color, picked out in the artwork, lighting, and rug. Meanwhile, wooden floors and cabinets top off the fresh and organic space with a welcome dose of warmth.