8 Creative Ideas for Storing Your Books

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    8 Creative Ideas For Storing Your Books

    8 Creative Ideas for Storing Your Books
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    “I have always imagined,” author, Jorge Luis Borges once said, “that paradise will be a kind of library.” It's a feeling that book lovers everywhere can relate to. Sure, current technology allows us to...MORE bypass traditional books by reading via phones, tablets, and e-readers (you’re even reading this article online). And we can even skip the whole reading part with audiobooks – making daily commutes or long road trips that much more enjoyable. But for some of us, no matter how many technological alternatives are offered, nothing compares to the feel, the weight or even the smell of an actual, physical book. New books come with a great smell, as well as crisp pages, smooth covers and the thrill of the unknown. Your favorite old books have well-worn spines and pages from frequent visits and a familiarity that makes you feel like you are dropping in on old friends every time you read them again. But the tech option does have one major advantage – it is an undeniable space-saver. Which leaves us old-fashioned book-lovers asking, “How do you indulge your love of books without letting your collection get so out of control that you get nominated for the next season of Hoarders? Never fear book-lovers, we have all the solutions you need right here. Read on for eight creative strategies for storing your beloved books.


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    Arrange Your Books By Color

    8 Creative Ideas for Storing Your Books
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    Bring this topic up the next time you're sitting with a librarian and an interior designer and you may find that you've started a lively conversation. But whatever can be said for (or against) it as an organizing technique, arranging books by color has become very popular among professional stylists. It creates a fresh, organized look, and adds a fun burst of color to any room. Literary purists may still prefer to organize by title, author, or subject, but we say, “why choose?” Get the...MORE best of both worlds by arranging your books by title, subject or author and then wrapping them in colored paper (with labels). Wrap all of the books by your favorite author in your favorite color or group books and colors by the way they make you feel. There's any number of possibilities. Now your books don’t look like clutter and your bookshelf has become a major player in the color scheme of your room.


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    Convert A Closet Into A Reading Nook

    8 Creative Ideas for Storing Your Books

    This just may be the equivalent of a man cave for book lovers. People make space in their home for their hobbies and passions all of the time: home gyms, meditation rooms,  craft space, and even dog and cat playrooms (yes, that is actually a thing). So why not carve out space for you to relax and enjoy a great book surrounded by your favorite things? A walk-in closet or pantry can easily be converted to the perfect reading nook. Add some shelves and comfortable seating and you’re all set! Put up...MORE a small curtain to keep your books out of sight and even grab a little privacy in the bargain.s and comfortable seating and you’re all set! Put up a small curtain to keep your books out of sight and even grab a little privacy in the bargain.


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    Repurpose A Cable Spool For The Ultimate Book Table

    8 Creative Ideas for Storing Your Books
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    Having a lot of books can really be a challenge when moving to a space that offers less room than your library requires. But with a little creativity, you don’t have to choose between having a bookshelf or a coffee table. Repurpose a cable spool to create the perfect combination. You can purchase them at a hardware store or chat up some construction workers about your project. You may be able to save a spool from being thrown away, making your new piece of furniture not only economical but...MORE environmentally friendly as well. Just paint the spool to match your decor and add some wooden rods to separate and stabilize books. Finally, add some casters to the bottom to make your new book-table easy to maneuver.


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    Turn Books Into Functional Furniture

    Creative Ideas for Storing Your Books
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    Do you have a hard time passing up the discounted, or even (dare we say) the free book bin? For some people, books are works of art to be cherished as well as read. Or, maybe you’re just looking to make something truly unique for your home. Whatever your motivation, this incredibly unique book desk is a definite conversation starter. Face the spines of the books out for an interesting multi-colored statement that displays your collection proudly, or turn the pages out for an intriguing, neutral...MORE piece that will blend into nearly any color scheme.


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    Make Your Books Into Works Of Art

    8 Creative Ideas for Storing Your Books
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    Want to display your books in a beautiful and unique way, but still keep them accessible? Simply attach a wooden frame to the back of your favorite picture frames. Mount to the wall to create these floating bookshelves that display books as work of art. If you’re just starting to build up your art collection, this is a great way to make your walls look sophisticated on a budget. It also frees up valuable floor space in smaller homes.


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    Pack A Few Books For The Road

    8 Creative Ideas for Storing Your Books
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    This is a great way to display vintage suitcases and your books (double win!). It’s also a great idea for keeping children’s books organized (and relatively mobile) in lieu of a bookshelf. Bookshelves for children’s rooms can be pricey, take up valuable space, and also pose the risk of being tipped over or climbed on by a small child. Keep your child’s library safe, stylish, and accessible with this innovative storage solution.


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    Make Your Bookshelf A Bold Part Of Your Home Decor

    8 Creative Ideas for Storing Your Books
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    Who says bookshelves have to be boring? Ditch the square or rectangular cubes and invest in a bookshelf that enhances your home design. This fun tree bookshelf introduces bold color and an element of nature into your home, while still providing valuable storage space. This is definitely a bookshelf that your guests will stop to explore. It's a perfect accessory for a kid's room as well.


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    Share Books Through A Neighborhood Lending Library

    8 Creative Ideas for Storing Your Books
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    If you’re really overwhelmed with the number of books in your collection, but you're also not ready to let them go, consider sharing the wealth. Neighborhood lending libraries are popping up all over. Talk to your neighbors and start a book-trading network. Then create a central space where neighbors can add some of their favorite books and check out yours, too. Finally, if you really want to go old-school, create nostalgic library check-out cards for the back of your books--that way you can...MORE see who else has read them. In addition to discovering some great new books, you may also connect with your neighbors and find new friends as well.