Creative Ideas for Storing Your Books

Try these cool and interesting pieces for storing and organizing your books.

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    8 Creative Ideas For Storing Your Books

    Author Jorge Luis Borges once said, “I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.”

    For some of us, no matter how many technological alternatives are offered—from Kindles and e-readers to audiobooks and podcasts—nothing compares to the feel, the weight or even the smell of a physical book.

    New books have a distinctly "new" smell, plus those crisp pages, smooth covers and on the inside, a fresh story we've never heard. Then there are your old favorites, the ones that have well-worn spines and creased pages; they're lovingly marked from frequent visits and a familiarity that makes you feel like you are dropping in on old friends every time you read them again.

    While e-readers and audiobooks have space-saving on their side, there's something so necessary about having actual books in the home—available to visit or reference at a moment's notice. So how do you store them, display them and organize them in a way that fits your home's decor style? We have a few ideas...

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    Round Bookcase

    Crate & Barrel

    Crate & Barrel has put an unique spin on the usual metal bookcase. This one has a funky, stand-out circular design that will become a subtle but defining design element in any room. With four interior shelves, you can get playful with how your arrange your books (and get some significant storage room) yet the scaled-down size makes it perfect for small spaces.

    Wheelhouse round bookcase, $249, Crate & Barrel

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    Triangle Suspended Wall Shelf

    World Market

    For anyone who finds that the traditional floating shelves you see in most homes just won't cut it, look for playful designs and shapes that will add character without compromising on your taste level. This triangular wall shelf from World Market is rendered in natural wood and brass-tone metal, a combo that's on-trend now and perfect for both bohemian and farmhouse-inspired decor looks.

    Try organizing your books in colorful towers—pick a specific range for the whole trio of shelves or or pick a color for each, perhaps. 

    Wood and Gold Triangle Wall Shelf, $129, World Market

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    Tree of Knowledge Shelving


    Explore an interesting and more "mindful" design with this Knowledge Tree bookcase we found from Lexmod. It's a lot, we know! But the seven shelves of this truly unusual bookcase can hold over 100 books. There are special little details everywhere—including the silhouette of a bird. The designers of this contemporary piece hope that it "encourages thoughtfulness while adding a bit of fun and lightheartedness to your living or lounge room decor."

    If you ask us, however, this is an investment-worthy piece for a children's bedroom or playroom. It has a whimsical and charming look that is perfect for displaying all those timeless fairytales, fables and classic goodnight books.

    Knowledge bookcase, $874, Lexmod

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    Off-Kilter Stacked Shelving

    Aha Life

    This trompe-l'œil bookcase is a favorite on our list. The piece takes inspiration from Scandinavian style with it's clean design and minimalist approach, but at the same time, makes quite the contemporary statement! The stacked modules almost appear to be levitating, don't they? Thanks to a cantilever design, with each box meeting at a single angled point, your books will still looked organized and thoughtful, even in that tilted position. The best part? This seemingly precarious bookcase can actually hold up to 160 pounds!

    Equilibrium bookcase, $990, Aha

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    Concealed Floating Wall-Mount Shelf


    Wait, are we even looking at a shelf right now? Thanks to a clever wall-mount design, this Umbra shelf seems to disappear when you stack it full of books. (Though just note that hardcover works best for how it's engineered.) We've seen these invisible shelves in a lot of our favorite apartments, but in order to make them truly creative as a storage method, we'd create a whole moment with them—try staggering 10 or 12 of them on one wall to create a pattern or grid. 

    Umbra concealed wall-mounted shelf, $15, Wayfair

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    Space-Saving Corner Shelves


    If you're working with a small space and big ideas, this zig-zagging little corner shelving piece could be the perfect solution. meant specifically to be mounted in the seam of two walls, you can even stack two of these in one corner to create a floor-to-ceiling bookcase unlike anyone else's.

    Danya B large corner shelf, $40, Target

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    Transparent Wave Shelf


    Modern book-lovers, rejoice! This sleek and stylish floating shelf takes the shape of an angular wave in transparent glass. How you choose to display your books on this shelf will define how it appears. Will they march up your wall like literary soldiers, or will they stand apart in cool, off-kilter stacks? We could see a set of three or four of these shelves looking so interesting and unique; set up to climb further and further up your wall—creating a truly dramatic wave in your library or living room.

    Wallscapes Allure wave shelf kit, $82, Wayfair

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    Nautical Boat-Shaped Bookcase


    For all the prepsters and nautical fanatics out there—this one's for you! A search on Etsy will reveal tons of fun and funky options for those looking for an artisan-made bookshelf they're not likely to see in anyone else's home.

    Take, for example, these colorful (not-full-size) canoe bookcases. Perfect for your cabin, lake house or any room that inspires dreamy, sea-faring thoughts, we can't help but love this truly creative storage idea.

    Wooden Row Boat Shelf, $75, Etsy

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    Large Spiral Bookshelf


    And finally, the most unusual, creative and statement-making bookcase we could find. Called the "bookworm" shelf and designed by Kartell, this swirling storage idea looks more like an art piece than a bookcase! Available online from Lumens, the bookworm shelf comes in a few different colors, but we love the semi-transparent red hue. To make this epic furniture shine in your home, we'd fill it to the brim with books, letting the dynamic arrangement of book spines in their varying colors and structures create an entirely new artistic element in your home. While you might not think this intuitively, we could see this large piece working well as the singular wall decoration in a small space, rather than one element among many in a larger room.

    Kartell large bookworm shelf, $1300, Lumens