19 Wonderfully White Nursery Ideas

Fresh white nursery with boho vibe

Paige Jones

Conventional wisdom teaches us that kids and pristine white décor are mutually exclusive. But conventional wisdom could be wrong. In some respects, white is a very practical choice for a nursery, helping parents create a space that will grow with their child.

Fresh and contemporary, white spaces are clean, bright and easy to update. Add a dramatic accent color or change out your accessories, and you have a completely new look. Simple white décor also helps nurseries to look less cluttered, covering a magnitude of post-playtime sins.

As for those grimy little noses and sticky, Crayola-wielding hands, a little bleach and a Magic Eraser go a long way in an all-white space.

Ready to throw conventional wisdom out the window? These wonderfully white nurseries did just that—with devastatingly stylish effect.

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    Art Showcase

    Modern, white nursery with art mural

    With its minimalist approach, clean white walls, and modern light fixtures, this sophisticated nursery boasts a swanky, uptown art gallery vibe. The piece de resistance? A statement-making, mural-sized watercolor offering a refreshing burst of shocking pink.

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    White Lux

    Soft white nursery room
    Skylar Reeves Photography via House of Wentworth

    This soft-white baby room couldn’t be more glam! Rich and luxurious textures abound, and sophisticated accents, such as the mirrored dresser and crystal chandelier, help create a room fit for royalty. Far from being harsh or stark, muted white tones create a warm, inviting atmosphere that’s as soothing as it is beautiful.

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    Whitewashed Woods

    Rustic nursery playroom with whitewashed wood-paneled walls

    This lovely, light-filled nursery room has a sweet rustic charm. Whitewashed wood replaces traditional dark-wood paneling, offering a clean, bright backdrop for a host of colorful playthings. Pastel accents give a traditionally masculine style feminine appeal.

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    Small and Bright

    Small nursery in white
    Apartment Therapy

    Working with a small nursery space? Sticking to an all-white palette can make your tiny nursery feel bigger and brighter.

    Color absorbs light, but fresh white walls reflect it, creating a bright and airy effect. By keeping the walls and accessories monochromatic, you’ll diminish visual breaks, which can also make a small space seem much larger.

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    Textural Appeal

    Soft white and gold nursery with rich textures
    Project Nursery

    All-white rooms require a subtle complexity. In the absence of color, texture often takes on a staring role, adding character and keeping the room from looking flat.

    This soft white nursery incorporates layer upon layer of rich and varied texture. A luxurious fur enhances a tight Berber weave, and delicate feather wall accents stand in stark contrast to shiny metallic-gold accessories. A modest wicker basket sits next to a velvet-trimmed crib, and layers of mixed and matched bedding add softness.

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    Neutral Haven

    Neutral nursery room
    Project Nursery

    An assortment of neutral grey, greige and brown accents adds warmth to this chic, white nursery space, creating a rich and visually interesting design.

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    Mixed Whites

    Elegant, all-white nursery room
    Farewell and Nest

    Instead of sticking to a single tone, this monochromatic nursery adds a little pop to its soft white palette by introducing stark white accents. 

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    A Pop of Pink

    Simple nursery with neutral tones and painted ceiling
    Decor Pad

    A peachy pink ceiling brings a touch of color to this all-white nursery, softening the look and giving the space a warm glow.

    Want to give baby something calming to contemplate from his crib? Paint your ceiling with one of these 7 soothing shades

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    Rich Wood Accents

    Neutral nursery with white walls and rich wooden accents
    From G2B

    Dark wooden accents add definition to this all-white nursery, grounding the space and creating contrast. A touch of gold gives the room added warmth and richness.

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    Color Pop

    White nursery with bold coral accents
    Wise Baby

    Bold coral accents pop of the white walls in this bright and cheery girl’s room, creating plenty of visual drama. A dusting of gold adds the perfect touch of glam for a look that’s all girl. 

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    Nordic Charm

    White, Nordic-inspired nursery with teepee

    What this sweet little boy’s room lacks in color, it more than makes up for in personality! With its clean white walls, graphic details, and playful accessories, this Nordic delight is fresh, modern and totally kid-friendly. 

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    Starry White

    Modern, white nursery with understated star theme
    Glitter Guide

    Want to incorporate a nursery theme without going overboard? It doesn’t take much to make a statement.

    This simple, star-covered nursery room brings a sweet, understated space theme to life without compromising its clean, contemporary look.

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    All Dressed Up

    Modern, Scandinavian nursery with pastel accents

    What’s the secret to effortless style? It’s all in the details!

    A bright and simple space provides the perfect backdrop on which to showcase colorful accents and unique accessories, allowing you to create a chic, eclectic space with plenty of personality to spare!

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    Contemporary "Pink and White"

    Contemporary, black and white girl's room with pink accents
    Ave Style

    Black accents and accessories give a white room substance, creating contrast and providing the eye with a much-needed place to rest.

    This black and white beauty tempers a bold look with soft pink accents, adding a sweet, feminine touch.

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    Rug Love

    Black and white nursery with contemporary flair

    This chic and simple nursery proves that a good accent rug can make your space.

    Rugs pack a mighty design punch, offering a dramatic burst of color, pattern, and texture. This shaggy beauty is no exception, making a bold statement is a simple black and white space.

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    Boho Bright

    Fresh white nursery with boho vibe
    Paige Jones

    Think bohemian décor is dark and dreary? Think again!

    The new Boho chic takes a light and airy approach, embracing neutral palettes and open spaces. Clean white walls and natural wood floors create a bright, gender-neutral space while rich textiles and eclectic accessories give a respectful nod to Bohemian traditions.

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    Rainbow Glow

    White nursery with bright, colored accents

    A rainbow of colorful accessories brings life and energy to this clean white space. Best of all, the look is easy to update, allowing you to incorporate elements of your little one’s personal style as they grow.

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    Understated Beauty

    Modern nursery with Southwestern vibe
    Grey Likes Baby

    This bright and modern nursery design takes the less-is-more approach, allowing the room’s striking architectural features, such as the wall-to-wall windows and dramatic concrete-bricked accent wall, to steal the show. 

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