Encourage Letter Writing With These Ideas!

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    Ways to Encourage Writing

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    These days kids are so wrapped up in this digital world, that letter writing is becoming a lost art.  Writing is very important, especially writing in cursive.  Writing in cursive has been shown to be important to the development of a creative mind.  There are some other great ways to encourage writing, but letter writing has to be one of the most fun!

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    Write Thank You Cards

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    Write thank you notes. Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/Getty Images

    Help you children to write thank you cards after birthdays and holidays.  It will truly make the gift givers day to have a letter some in the mail to thank them for their thoughtfulness.  Children will especially love to get that mail and so will adults.  Try to include photos for your children to use in the letter.  A photo of them with the gift would be ideal. 

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    Write to a Soldier

    Write to a soldier
    Write to a soldier. Getty Images

    Our armed forces are sometimes forgotten.  Receiving letters, even from strangers is a welcomed break in what they endure every day.  

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    Find a Penpal

    Child Checking the Mailbox
    Pen Pals. princessdlaf/E+/Getty Images

    I sure did love having pen pals as a kid.  My penpals from Japan were by far the most fun!  If it makes you nervous for your child to write a stranger, then maybe a relative that lives in another state, or a friend that moved away.  This is a great way to explore other cultures from home!

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    Write to a Company

    Hard work beats talent
    Write to a company. PeopleImages/DigitalVision/Getty Images

    Does your child have a favorite product?  Have them write a letter to the company telling them how much they like the product.  Or maybe they have some tips on how a product could be better and they could share those with the brand.  I remember in school we had to write a complaint letter about something that we felt should be changed.  This is a great way to practice persuasive writing.