IKEA Just Launched a National Buy Back Service for the Month of November

Get store credit for used IKEA favorites and save the planet at the same time.

IKEA logo on wall

Courtesy of IKEA

In great news for sustainably minded shoppers and IKEA hack fanatics alike, IKEA just announced the national launch of its Buy Back & Resell service for the month of November. The service is part of the company’s journey to becoming a circular and climate positive business by 2030, as it allows both the resale of furniture through IKEA stores and the purchasing of gently used furniture on-site, ultimately reducing the number of IKEA products left in landfills.

As part of the program running from November 1 through December 5, 2021, shoppers at 33 IKEA stores across the United States will be able to sell back gently used IKEA furniture. In exchange, they’ll receive IKEA store credit while giving their furniture the chance at a second life—sold-back furniture will be available for resale through IKEA in the stores’ As-Is sections, where shoppers can purchase used IKEA items at lower prices, fulfilling step two of the ever-relevant “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” sustainability mantra.

“We want to help create a sustainable movement in society, and inspire our customers to acquire, care for, and pass on IKEA products in more sustainable ways,” says IKEA U.S. president and chief sustainability officer Javier Quiñones in a press release.

IKEA tested the Buy Back & Resell service at its Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, store in the month of September, so it has some evidence that this circular resale option will work: 100 percent of product brought in was resold during the pilot, according to data from country sustainability manager Jennifer Keesson that was shared in the press release announcing the nationwide launch. The sell-back service is available to IKEA Family members, though anyone can shop sold-back items in the As-Is section.

What Is the Buy Back & Resell Service?

Available in 33 U.S. IKEA stores for the month of November (until December 5, 2021), the Buy Back & Resell service allows IKEA Family members to sell eligible gently used purchases back to a participating store. Items are then resold in respective stores’ As-Is sections, where they can be purchased by new owners for less than they may spend on new items.

How Do You Participate in the Buy Back & Resell Service?

To sell back your gently used IKEA furniture, start by filling out a form online at IKEA.com. You’ll receive an emailed quote of your buy back value—the amount IKEA will give you in store credit for your item. You’ll then need to bring a copy of your quote, your buyback number (included in the email), and your fully assembled furniture to a participating IKEA store. An employee will assess the value in person and offer store credit depending on the condition of the piece, and your furniture will get a second life.

There are some item restrictions: All items must be IKEA products, and they must be fully assembled. Items cannot be hacked, modified, or painted, and a number of furniture categories (including beds and bed frames, chests of drawers, and products used outdoors) are not currently eligible.

Stores offering the program include Atlanta, Baltimore, Long Island, Memphis, Norfolk, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, and Tempe. You can see the full list of all 33 locations on IKEA’s website, as well as the full list of item restrictions and rules.

Coming right on the heels of the announcement of two new California IKEA Planning Studios opening in 2022, this news demonstrates IKEA’s continued evolution into a more sustainably minded company. If you’ve been waiting to trade in your current IKEA bookshelf or media center for an updated option, November might be the best time to do so—you’ll get some money back and keep great furniture out of landfills at the same time. And if you're scouting out affordable IKEA furniture (whether to use it as-is or to hack into something spectacular), November and early December might be a particularly good time to scope out IKEA's As-Is section at your local store.