23 IKEA Desk Hacks for Customizing Your Workspace

ikea drawer desk

Jessica Welling

Many homeowners and renters turn to IKEA when shopping for office furniture, but the next time you're visiting this big box store or exploring its website, take a moment to get a bit creative! While IKEA offers some fabulous desk options, there are so many ways that you can take things to the next level and create a customized workspace without spending too much dough. The 23 desk setups below are proof that IKEA hacks (whether super simple or more advanced) never fail to jazz up a space. We can guarantee that some of the desks below will majorly impress you!

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    Table for Two

    ikea desk combo

    Lisa Linh

    This sharable desk is perfect for a two—there's enough space between each computer area to allow both members of a team or household to work independently, and there's plenty of storage for each individual, too. This piece contains a few different IKEA parts—base cabinets and countertops—that work together seamlessly to function as an entirely new piece.

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    Storage Galore

    ikea drawer desk

    Jessica Welling

    This desk is also a smart setup for multiple people working together. Here, IKEA drawer units provide ample storage for files and supplies of all kinds, while a long piece of wood serves as the desktop.

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    Roll With It

    ikea rolling cabinet

    Charlene Haugsven

    Who says a metal rolling cabinet can't look ultra on-trend and sleek? We sure think the IKEA piece looks stunning in this home office.

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    All About ALEX

    ikea alex desk


    We spy a few pieces from the ALEX line here! This desk features ALEX drawers, and above it, an ALEX shelf provides extra storage and room for decorations to shine. The way this desk was adhered to the wall practically makes it look like an original built in piece.

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    Pattern Play

    ikea desk drawer design

    Medina Grillo

    This desk hack also features the ALEX drawers, but with a bit of a twist. If you're craving some pattern, go ahead and spice up your storage a bit with some paint, duct tape, you name it—it will make all the difference in your workspace.

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    Major Makeover

    ikea dresser as desk

    Diane Henkler

    Why not think majorly outside the box when it comes to designing your desk? This piece began its life as an IKEA dresser but was altered to become a super cute, classic secretary. Talk about a majorly innovative transformation!

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    Dresser to Desk

    ikea kallax and dresser

    Vineta Jackson

    Here, a dresser also takes on a new role as part of a desk. The desk also features the popular KALLAX piece, which provides handy storage galore.

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    Standing Room Only

    ikea dresser as standing desk

    Kelly Anderson

    Many workers enjoy using standing desks to feel less sedentary during the day, and the good news is that you can DIY one of those, too. This dresser got a mini makeover to start a new life as a desk.

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    Midcentury Mix

    mcm desk

    Sarah Daugherty

    Love midcentury modern furniture? Make your own MCM inspired desk with some hairpin legs—it's a super easy project that will help make your workspace feel more you in an instant.

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    Family Friendly Station

    ikea kallax desk

    Erin Devine

    A few KALLAX units also shine in this workspace, which provides room for the whole family to gather 'round and get their projects done. Baskets make it easy to keep supplies out of sight even when desk drawers aren't present.

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    Boho Design Beauty

    wooden ikea desk

    Brittni Melhoff

    For a boho-style look, consider leaving your unfinished wooden desk bare; the all-natural finish is quite beautiful. This standing desk is an excellent mix of both form and function.

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    Gorgeous Gold

    faux brass desk

    Catherine Carton

    This desk is a combination of a few IKEA pieces and a bit of shiny gold spray paint. It's an easy way to fake the vintage brass look without breaking the bank.

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    Deep Wood Tones

    wooden desk hack

    Tasha Agruso

    Who says you can't turn a kitchen counter into a desk top? These handy wooden pieces from IKEA, meant for food prep, look stunning in the office, too, and are excellent for those craving a traditional space filled with wood tones.

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    Work Nook

    IKEA desk hack in nook

    Emily Lex

    An alcove nook is a super cozy area to set up a workspace, and if you're customizing a desk of your own, you can ensure that it'll fit into your desired spot perfectly. Here, IKEA dressers serve as the perfect drawers.

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    Cane Creation

    ikea desk boho style

    Carly Hardin

    Who doesn't love a little touch of rattan? These cane drawers spice up this boho-style office space while taking a basic IKEA piece to the next level. It's a win-win!

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    Lovely L-Shape

    ikea l-shaped desk

    Leah Remillet

    Maybe the layout of your at-home workspace is more conducive to an L-shaped desk. Don't worry, there's an IKEA hack for that, too! All you need are some tabletops, legs, and drawers, but you can totally customize the exact arrangement.

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    Budget Friendly Bliss

    budget friendly desk hack

    Pretty Providence

    On a major budget and not sure how to create your dream desk? That's where IKEA is your best friend; this desk came to life for under $60 total and still looks fabulous.

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    A Little Pizzazz

    spray painted desk

    Alicia Chew

    A white and gold desk is always a glam combo and works well in a small space where you're looking for a little zing without opting for anything too visually distracting. This is a standard IKEA desk that simply received a dose of spray paint in order to fully stand out.

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    Organized Only

    ikea lack shelves

    Kaitlin Biziorek

    A long table and some LACK shelves took this workspace to the next level ASAP! This area is now a well-organized crafter's dream.

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    Minimalism Strikes

    ikea desk

    Karisa Grimstad

    IKEA is known for its minimalist-friendly pieces, so if you're craving something sleek and subtle, you know where to go. This desk is easy to take apart as needed and is made from two kinds of IKEA products.

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    Neat and Narrow

    slim ikea desk

    Lauren Koster

    Is your proposed workspace ultra narrow? There's an IKEA solution for you, too! This desk fits within a slim space while still providing all of the necessary functions you're used to when working.

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    Double Duty

    sleek vanity desk

    The Sorry Girls

    It's a vanity and a desk! This corner space serves double duty and is super sophisticated and sleek to boot—look, no legs!

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    Hidden Potential

    ikea rast desk

    Elizabeth Joan Designs

    Ok, you really won't believe us when we tell you that this desk was created using two RASK dressers. But indeed, it's true. IKEA pieces have so much hidden potential.