15 IKEA Items You Need to Update Your Home for Fall

We just can't without these items this autumn.

A collection of fall accents


We won’t even pretend we haven’t been impatiently counting down the days until pumpkin-flavored items hit the menus, the weather gets chillier, and the fall décor comes out. There's something about the shift from summer to fall that is so comforting.

And as one of the best places to scour for the newest fall trends—as well as budget-friendly pieces—IKEA doesn't disappoint for fall decor this year. From cozy throw blankets to the latest and greatest in accent pieces, here are the IKEA items you need to update your fall décor.

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    HÖSTKVÄLL Orange Throw Blanket

    An orange throw blanket


    Who doesn’t need a new throw blanket? This one is perfect for fall with its rich, burnt orange hues, but it’s still lightweight enough to take for an outdoor picnic. You can grab it in orange, or a similar variation in cream, beige, or rust gold.

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    KAMOMILL Plant Pot

    A green plant pot on a white bedside table


    Nothing screams fall more than a plant pot in an elegant eggplant hue. This 7.5-inch plant pot isn’t shallow like most; the depth makes it actually useful for deeper roots. Plus, it boasts both functionality and luxury as a statement item for any room. Don’t like dark green? You can get it in dark blue, too.

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    BILD Poster

    A collection of 4 botanical print posters on a wall


    While summer was perfect for fake leaves hanging from curtains, fall welcomes more refined pieces, such as this four-piece leaf poster set. These posters are sophisticated, yet fun, creating an autumn theme in your bedroom, kitchen, or other living space. Measuring between 16-20 inches, each of the four pieces is big enough to create a statement while still small enough to leave room for other décor items.

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    HÖSTKVÄLL Scented Candle in Metal Cup

    A person lighting a copper candle


    Ah, we can already smell the fall vibes. This scented candle adds a warm and soothing smell to any room or desk. It's small (only two inches) but powerful enough to fill your space, creating the ideal autumn ambiance. (We recommend buying at least two.)

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    HÖSTKVÄLL Decoration Pumpkin Set

    A set of decorative pumpkins


    It just wouldn't be fall without pumpkin-themed décor. This set is a bit more versatile than the usual, though. With a light grey color that matches any indoor paint or décor theme, you can add these pumpkins to your space without shifting your entire vibe.

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    HÖSTKVÄLL Cushion Cover

    A leaf-patterned throw cushion


    Orange and black are notoriously Halloween colors, but they don’t always have to look *spooky.* With these cushion covers, you can add a little bit of depth to your room to create a fall feel, and in Halloween colors but without the scare factor. Measuring 20-inch by 20-inch, they fit most standard-size chairs and pillows.

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    HÖSTKVÄLL Artificial Wreath

    A neutral fall wreath displayed in a kitchen


    If you’re looking for the perfect touch of fall décor for your door or wall space, this natural-looking wreath is the perfect fit. Its lightweight and natural beige color will complement your home decor while adding a little hint of *fall vibes.*

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    HÖSTKVÄLL Artificial Bouquet

    A flower bouquet in fall colors


    Ah, nothing says fall like a beautiful, dried flower bouquet. This collection of faux flowers in earthy tones will look perfect underneath a shelf, hanging from a hook, or complementing an empty wall space. Add them to your kitchen table for a gorgeous centerpiece for your fall events.

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    MOSSLANDA Picture Ledge

    Two framed illustrations on a wooden shelf


    Fall means school pictures, family get-togethers, and the inevitable photo prep for Christmas cards. Naturally, you’ve probably taken some family or friend photos (or are planning some in the near future). This wooden picture ledge is a perfect way to display your pictures while adding a natural and darker touch to your space for fall.

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    HÖSTKVÄLL Place Mat

    Leaf-printed placemats on a table


    Nothing says an autumn dinner party like leaf-themed placemats. In a perfect orange and deep brown pattern, these placemats add the perfect fall vibe to your kitchen or dining room. Each measures 14-inch by 18-inch (so big enough for most plate settings). And the best part? They’re 100% cotton, which means you can easily machine wash them.

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    HÖSTKVÄLL Dish Towel

    Two grey and red dish towels hanging on pegs


    Let’s face it—we all use quite a few towels to clean messes and make our spaces more presentable. Why not opt for something fall-themed, yet a bit more refined? These autumn-designed dish towels feature a grey background with rust orange leaves—perfect for the finishing fall touch!

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    HÖSTKVÄLL Paper Napkin

    A grey and red paper napkin on a place setting


    If you’d rather opt for disposable items, or if you’re on the go (think: fall picnics or outdoor parties), these paper napkins simplify your plans while helping you celebrate the season. Similar in design to the aforementioned dishtowels (grey with burnt orange leaves), these napkins are cute and trendy, but functional for when you’re ready to toss out the trash and go.

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    HÖSTKVÄLL Pot Holder

    Black and orange pot holders


    Protect your hands while adding a bit of fall to your kitchen. These rustic oven mitts are a black and deep orange-red design with leaves that add rich tones to your space. Complement them with darker jars, candles, or dish towels for the full effect.

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    A food serving tray with red and black leaf pattern


    Ready to serve some guests or take breakfast in bed to your significant other this season? Do it with this fall food tray. Not only does this black and orange-red design scream fall (and match the oven mitts!), but it creates a real vibe for whatever items you put on it.

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    HÖSTKVÄLL Door Mat

    A textured welcome mat


    Welcome guests into your home this season with a rustic, neutral-toned mat. This style has ‘pumpkin patch vibes’ written all over it with brown and beige tones and almost wheat-like pattern. Plus, it’s neutral enough to match any other décor you have in your space.

October is right around the corner! Whether you’ve already started redesigning your space or you’re preparing for an autumn shopping trip, we hope that this list of IKEA must-haves helps you create the perfect *spooky season* vibe!

Did we forget anything you love? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list.