4 Reasons IKEA's Iconic Ektorp Sofa Will Never Be Forgotten

The furniture retailer is replacing the beloved sofa with a new model

Ektorp sofa from IKEA


It’s the end of an era at IKEA—and no, I’m not talking about the discontinuation of their iconic catalog (RIP). The company is replacing their popular Ektorp sofa in the United States and Canada, much to the dismay of devotees. 

Ektorp has skyrocketed to popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. It has a classic look that never goes out of style. The removable, machine washable slipcovers make cleaning and changing looks a breeze. As lifestyle blogger Christal Linfitt said, “who doesn’t love a couch you can throw right into the washing machine?” And, the best part, at only $399, it’s more affordable than many other sofas. 

DIY and lifestyle blogger Holly Stehle said the news of Ektorp being replaced is “disappointing.” She purchased the model just last year because of the removable slipcovers. 

“I liked the reassurance I could simply purchase a new cover if mine were to get damaged or if I was looking to switch up the color,” she said.

interior featuring ektorp couch

Photo courtesy of Holly Stehele

The 'New and Improved' Ektorp

But there’s a reason to dry your eyes and not panic buy all the Ektorp slipcovers you can find—the sofa is being replaced with the Uppland, which is very similar to the Ektorp. 

In a statement, IKEA said the Uppland is essentially a new and improved version of the Ektorp. The models have a nearly identical look, but the Uppland sits higher and deeper, with taller backs and longer arms. The Uppland also has springs in the cushions, while the Ektorp cushions only had foam, and the slipcovers are still machine washable and come in seven colors.

Lifestyle blogger Cindy Harvey owned two Ektorp sofas before buying her current couch, an Uppland. She said out of all the IKEA furniture she’s owned, including a Färlöv, Stocksund and Härlanda sleeper sofa, the Ektorp and Uppland are the family favorites. 

“The Uppland [is] a wonderful improvement with slightly larger proportions and springs in the bottom cushions,” Harvey said. “It feels both soft and supportive. Price point and slipcover options are still a huge plus!”

ektorp couch in cottagecore style

Photo Courtesy of Cindy Harvey

So let’s honor the Ektorp, the perfect couch for napping and stain-free snacking. Here are the four best reasons so many people came to the Ektorp.

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    The Ektorp Is Versatile

    interior featuring ektorp couch

    marys_hobby_life / Instagram

    When it comes to changing up your decor, the Ektorp serves as a blank canvas. This is why lifestyle blogger Mary Donetskova loves her sofa—by rearranging accessories and swapping out the slipcover, the space has a whole new look.

    “The classic design works well with different home decor styles,” she said. “If I ever want to change my style, I know I have many options that will work with what I have already. I also love to decorate and change things up in my home a lot, especially for different seasons or holidays. Ektorp works well with the changes I make at home.”

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    The Ektorp Is Durable and Easy to Clean

    interior featuring ektorp couch

    danionabudget / Instagram

    Lifestyle blogger @danionabudget wanted a classic white couch for her new house. But with two kids and a dog, she said most people thought she was crazy for picking a color that’s so susceptible to stains. 

    “The reason I love this couch so much is you can literally throw it in the wash,” she said. “The slipcovers are amazing. And the price point made it even more appealing!”

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    The Ektorp Is Perfect for Apartment Life

    Bloggers Mandy and Ali H. from @suandlou were overjoyed when they found the perfect Netflix binge sofa for their three-person apartment. The dimensions were the perfect size for their smaller space and, in the two-and-a-half years they’ve owned their Ektorp, it’s held up against green juice spills, smushed freeze-dried strawberries, and miscellaneous mystery stains.

    “Until we eventually part ways into our own homes, we have no reason for change,” they said. “And even then, we’ll surely be fighting over who keeps this one and who has to go on a dreaded sofa hunt.”

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    The Ektorp Is Affordable

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    let_there_be_white / Instagram

    Real talk: you can’t beat that $399 price tag. Thankfully, the Uppland starts at $399, too. This was the main reason interior stylist Kelly Siktar purchased hers.

    “The heavy, durable fabric that washes beautifully is a dream,” she said in an email. “[And] having the designer look of a Pottery Barn sofa at one-fourth of the cost is a design hack in my book!”