12 Amazing IKEA "KURA" Bed Hacks for Toddlers

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    Creative "Kura" Bed Ideas for Kids

    IKEA Kura Hack: Treehouse for two
    Photo via IKEAHacker.com.

    Cheap, toddler-friendly and amazingly versatile, IKEA’s popular “KURA” may just be the best big-kid bed ever! Not convinced? Wait until you see what a little DIY magic can do with this basic beauty!

    From simple to simply amazing, these creative IKEA KURA hacks will make you wish you were a kid again.

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    Cozy Cabin Hack

    IKEA KURA Hack: Cozy Cabin
    Photo via IKEAHacker.com.

    Individual pine slats fixed to a simple wooden frame give this KURA hack a woodsy, cabin-like charm. Want a more authentic look? Consider replacing clean-cut pine with reclaimed, pallet wood.

    See the full tutorial here

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    Princess Bed Hack

    IKEA KURA Hack: Princess Bed
    Photo via One Little Imp.

    With its soft curtains and colorful bunting, this darling, little KURA is fit for a princess! Need more room for your little one's royal finery? Create accessible, under-the-bed storage by removing the KURA's bottom paneling.

    Read the full tutorial at One Little Imp.

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    Upgraded Upholstered Finish

    This easy DIY uses upholstered foam core inserts to dress up the basic KURA bed frame. No sewing required!

    See how it’s done here.

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    Rustic Rehaul

    IKEA KURA Hack: Rustic Toddler Bed
    Photo via IKEAHacker.com.

    Reclaimed wood slats, fixed directly to the KURA’s existing panels, add rustic flair to this nature-inspired bedroom.

    See the full hack from IKEAHackers.com here.

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    Curtained Cubby Hack

    IKEA KURA Hack: Faux Bed Cubby
    Photo via Fru silver.

    Tucked into a corner with its headboard opposite the wall, this sweet, little bed with its bright pink curtains almost looks like a cozy, built-in cubby. Wallpapered panels in the same pattern as the walls add to this effect. 

    See more photos here

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    Chalk Board Bed Hack

    IKEA KURA Hack: Chalkboard Toddler Bed
    Photo via Sample Sale Mom.

    See how one clever mom, armed with a paintbrush and a little imagination, transformed a Craigslist-find KURA into a creative and colorful chalkboard canvas.

    Learn more here

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    Ball Pit Bunk

    IKEA KURA Hack: Ball Pit Bunkbed
    Photo via Rusta Upp.

    A bubble-gum pink paint job and some MDF paneling give this KURA ball-pit bunk bed a modern edge. The bottom bunk holds a thin mattress, offering protection during rowdy ball play and doubling as a guest bed when the balls are removed. Genius!

    Spotted on the Swedish blog, Rusta Upp.

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    Storage Lift

    IKEA KURA Hack: Added Storage
    Photo via IKEAHacker.com.

    Built-in storage bins give KURA’s bottom bunk a lift, creating a more comfortable guest bed and making practical use of the available space.

    See more photos here

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    Corner Bunk Hack

    IKEA KURA Hack: Corner Unit Bunkbeds
    Photo via Apartment Therapy.

    Designing a shared space? Two KURA bed frames join to create one space-saving corner unit featuring built-in, under-the-bed storage. 

    Learn more about this project here.

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    Shabby Shack Tree House

    IKEA Kura Hack: Treehouse for two
    Photo via IKEAHacker.com.

    This imaginative playhouse is every kid's dream! 

    The parents behind this amazing design hack used a pair of KURA bed frames to create a single corner unit. A simple, wooden house frame, connected to each of the existing beds, supports the individual panels that make up the walls and roof of the structure. Other details include a connecting tunnel and a bedtime view of the rising moon. Too cute!

    See the original post on IKEA Hackers.com

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    Papered Panels

    IKEA KURA Hack: Wallpapered Panels
    Photo via IKEAHacker.com.

    Wallpaper offers yet another simple solution for dressing up the KURA’s plain particleboard panels. This pretty, little DIY hack also adds a frame around the bottom bunk, giving the bed a more traditional look.

    See the full tutorial here

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    Cuddle-Up Club House

    The design-savvy mom behind this photo discovered that a large tension rod fits perfectly within the existing frame of her daughter’s KURA bed. After stringing up some twinkle lights and filling the bottom bunk with lots of comfy goodness, she used a modified shower curtain and a set of curtain rings to create this cozy, little reading nook.

    Get the details here