IKEA "KURA" - The World's Most Versatile Toddler Bed

Kura reversible bed


Looking for a toddler bed that will grow with your child? Meet the KURA.

This budget-friendly bed may not be much to look at, but IKEA’s humble, little KURA could be the world’s most versatile big-kid bed. The KURA's hidden talent? The flip. Turn this simple frame upside down, and what was once a canopy-framed box bed is suddenly a space-saving loft. No tools required! Add a second mattress, and boom! You’ve got a pair of toddler-safe bunk beds! You can even dress your KURA with a colorful bed tent, which ranges in price from $20-$40 depending on the style.

Parents love the flexibility offered by the KURA’s reversible design, but its scaled-down size also scores points with safety-savvy moms, who worry about the height of traditional bunk beds and lofts. The KURA’s top bunk sits significantly lower than most loft beds, reducing the risks associated with falls and providing better clearance between the bed and the ceiling. Although it was originally designed for one, the KURA boasts a cozy space below the loft that can be easily converted into a comfortable floor bed for a younger sibling, making it a toddler-friendly alternative to a traditional bunk bed.

Simple and solid, the KURA has also won the love of the DIY crowd, who appreciate the sturdy pine frame and removable panels - not to mention the price tag. Ringing up at just $199 (at time of publication), IKEA’s KURA bed frame is a practical product for a sensible price. Is it gorgeous? Maybe not, but the concept couldn’t be better, and if you’re handy with power tools and paint, the possibilities are practically endless!