Review of the Kvartal IKEA Curtain System

Discontinued System Had Difficulties

Kvartal IKEA Curtain System

Christopher Lance / Flickr / CC By 2.0

The Kvartal curtain and panel curtain suspension system has been discontinued by IKEA. It has been replaced by the Vidga curtain hanging system. The parts of the systems are not interchangeable and IKEA does not stock replacements for the Kvartal system. However, there is an IKEA replacement parts vendor who has common ones in stock and can make others by 3D printing. Other sources include eBay and other resale sites.

IKEA Curtain Rod Review of the Kvartal System

IKEA Kvartal is an affordable rail or track curtain system. The Kvartal curtain system offers a sliding rail rod that can either be mounted to the ceiling or wall. It can also turn corners. Best of all, it cost much less than designer curtain rod systems.

This system was used in a living room remodel by a family who has many IKEA furnishings and is familiar with assembling and installing IKEA items. The experience with Kvartal was not positive. Here is an overview of the installation process.

The first step of the install process is installing the Kvartal wall hardware brackets. These were inexpensive at $2.50 each. IKEA's instructional install video makes it look oh-so-easy. Working on uneven, heavily textured plaster walls constructed in 1925, there were no problems screwing in and leveling the brackets. The problem came in trying to attach the rails to the brackets. The Kvartal single track rails were $5.99 each and five were needed for the installation. These took a lot of work.

If you are installing one 55-inch rail between two brackets, you may not have any problems with this system. However, trying to balance and screw multiple rails into place on multiple brackets took hours and multiple people. The screws to attach the rails to the brackets are on top of the bracket and are super tiny, so if you mount the brackets close to the ceiling and then try to screw the rails on, you're going to have a trial on your hands. You just can't see what you are doing miles above your head, upside down. There are still several of these tiny screws lost forever in the depths of a shag rug.

Another flaw is that putting the two rails together results in a terribly bumpy ride for the curtains. In truth, they didn't glide through the connection at all. The aluminum rail bends easily, so a file was used to smooth the connection and now the curtains glide through just fine. However, these rails are so flimsy and of such a soft metal, they may not last in the long run.

The Kvartal corner piece worked fine, after filing it. It cost $4.99. The Kvartal glider and hood sets were $2.00 each and four sets were used. However, these little plastic hooks had a hard time holding IKEA's Ritva curtains. These curtains are nice quality and they are quite heavy. Plus, the gliders and hooks are so flimsy and cheaply made, they are unlikely to last long. Sometimes cheaper isn't better.

Bottom Line on the IKEA Kvartal System

IKEA had some kinks to work out with this curtain rod system, but the product was in IKEA's inventory for a while without any improvements by IKEA. Many buyers reported similar issues with this system. It has since been discontinued.

If you plan to use this track system, you are in for a bit of a bumpy ride. If you are installing it on your own, you should be experienced in the DIY area or grab someone to help you who is. You may have to make some modifications to the system to get it to function well. It will be difficult to get replacement parts as IKEA no longer supports the system.