Review of IKEA Micke Desk and Computer Station

Good Solution for a Bedroom Workstation

IKEA Micke computer work station

The IKEA Micke computer workstation might be a desk you are considering to put in your child's room now that she is using a computer for her studies or you may want a desk you can place in a spare corner for family use. You may already have IKEA pieces, or you may be attracted by the low price and good quality of their furniture. Here are the pros and cons of this modular desk and computer workstation and how it is judged after two years of use by a homeschooling family.

The Micke Series

The Micke series is designed for small spaces. The computer workstation unit includes a work surface, two drawers, storage unit, and upper shelf unit with adjustable shelves and a magnetic writing board on the back panel. It is available in either white or black-brown. It can be combined with other desks and drawer units of the series to extend it.

Pros of the IKEA Micke Desk and Computer Station

A family used this desk in a child's room for two years and offers these pros:

  • It fits well in small rooms or tight spaces.
  • For its smallness of its size, the design of the desk offers a surprisingly nice amount of storage.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The Micke endures daily use in a kid-filled household extremely well.
  • It's easy to customize to fit almost any space.
  • The write on/wipe off surface has held up well for daily use.
  • The desktop is wide enough for a laptop and papers.
  • The drawers glide effortlessly, even after two-plus years of heavy use by a child.
  • There are lots of finish options, some which are extremely fun.

Cons of the Micke Desk

The family offered these drawbacks:

  • The drawers are open to the backside, and things slide out unnoticed through the back of the desk very easily.
  • The laminated surface is very slippery, and unless desk is on a very stable surface, items tend to move. This is especially true if you live in an older home where everything is slightly slanted.
  • If you do some legwork, you can find cheaper desks that may be of better quality.

The Bottom Line on the IKEA Micke Desk and Computer Station

The reviewing family says they have used other desks that they prefer more. For example, they like a heavy duty solid wood desk they picked up at a yard sale for $25. When compared to those prices, the Micke desk isn't as affordable.

However, the Micke held up well to daily, hard use, including kids climbing on it. The Micke's modern lines look great and work well if that is your decorating style.

Open desks are a drawback, especially in a child's room. They tend to turn into dumping grounds for clutter and are rarely used for their intended purposes. You will need to stay on top of the situation to ensure the work surface is clear for the work that needs to be done. This desk can work well for a family that homeschools and needs a hard work surface in a quiet place like a child's room.