15 IKEA Must-Haves Under $20 to Get Your Household Ready for School

Get Everyone Organized in Style and on Budget for Fall

MOPPE storage chest


As we approach autumn and children return to school the time for homework and school routines are back. The right supplies can set your kids (or you!) up for success whether you are heading back to class or keeping it virtual for a bit longer. IKEA offers a multitude of items that make the grade, all for less than $20 each.

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    LENNART drawer unit ($14.99)

    LENNART cart


    This little metal cart features casters so that it can go wherever you need it, keeping study essentials close at hand. It even fits neatly under a table or desk to keep clutter to a minimum.The drawers are large enough to fit letter-size paper and all those spiral notebooks.

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    VESKEN cart ($8.99)

    VESKEN cart


    Make use of even the smallest sliver of space with this sleek storage cart. Add some cute cups or (unbreakable) glasses and keep your pens, pencils, scissors and other necessities close. Cleanup is a snap: Just use a little soapy water and the cart is good as new!

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    SKÅDIS pegboard combination ($18.99)



    Some students prefer to keep their items in plain sight. This versatile set allows customization with its hooks and bins, making it easy to store need-it-now supplies.

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    SUNNERSTA rail ($3.99)



    You cannot beat this simple storage star for just under $4! Each set includes a rail that’s almost two feet long, two cute little cups and four hooks.For this price, grab a couple and go vertical to make every inch count.

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    KORSMON memo board with clips ($14.99)



    Give your family a funky, fun little command center. This modern memo board  can hold permission slips, school lunch menus and more -- all in one spot.

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    GREJIG shoe rack ($4.99)

    GREJIG shoe rack


    Speaking of keeping track of things, how would you like to avoid spending frantic minutes searching for a missing shoe while the bus is coming around the corner? This rack is stackable, so grab a couple and designate one spot for everyone’s most used footwear. It also folds up so you can store it out of the way when not in use. 

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    MOPPE, mini storage chest ($19.99)

    MOPPE storage chest


    Are you sensing a theme? Storage and clutter catchers are the name of the organization game every day, and when schedules are full and life is hectic, having a place for everything is even more important. This adorable birch plywood piece offers several drawers where supplies can live when not in use.

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    SIGFINN, holder for mobile phone ($5.99)

    SIGNFINN phone holder


    Having your mobile phone nearby is a must, and it’s even more important to keep it charged. This genius holder has a cutout for a cord so your student will not only know exactly where to find their social lifeline in a jiffy, they will also be able to use it since it’s all juiced up.

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    SVALLET work lamp ($4.99)

    SVALLET desk lamp


    Focused lighting makes homework easier on the eyes, and this simple lamp is not only extremely functional but also environmentally friendly. It is made from recycled plastics and boasts an international design Red Dot Award to boot. LED bulbs are not included in this low price, but you can pick up a pack of two for just $2.99.

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    MOLTE desk chair ($17.99)

    MOLTE desk chair


    Kids of all ages will find a perfect fit with this fun, adjustable chair. No sitting on books to reach the desk or table: The chair easily shifts to five different heights so everyone from elementary pupils to college students will find a comfortable fit. The curved low back offers lumbar support as well. Assembly is so simple, a child can do it. Really. One reviewer boasts that her 8-year-old put it together all on his own! 

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    FRAMTUNG lunch bag ($8.99)

    FRAMTUNG lunch bag


    Gaining knowledge takes a lot of energy, so send your little learners off to class with this insulated lunch bag. There’s room for a variety of favorite foods, with space for a water bottle and a side pocket for storing other necessities such as cutlery or condiment packets.

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    IKEA 365+ water bottle, 17 oz. ($2.49)

    IKEA water bottle


    Kids can go through a lot of water bottles throughout the school year, so this inexpensive yet tough container is perfect for the job. It might look like glass but it is really durable plastic, with a lid strap that makes it easy for smaller hands to carry.

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    IKEA 365+ lunch box with containers, 34 oz.($4. 99)

    Lunch box with bins


    Keep your meal components separate with this set of three separate bins that fit neatly inside of a larger container with a lid. The set also includes a lid for one of the smaller bins so you can keep your dressing or sauce from sloshing into your sandwich. The set is safe for the freezer, dishwasher and microwave.

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    IKEA 365+ lunch box with dry food compartment, 15 oz. ($3.99)

    Round lunch container


    Don’t need a lot of smaller bins to store snacks or lunch? This round option is perfect for a salad (I hear some kids go for that!) or some grapes and berries on the go. The dry food compartment is perfect for separating some crackers or snack mix from the main bowl.

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    PIVRING backpack ($2.99)

    PIVRING backpack


    Back-to-school shopping wouldn’t be complete without a way to haul the necessities from class to class. This backpack holds a 14-inch laptop or tablet and features a mesh pocket on the outside that is perfect for the smaller essentials, from wet wipes to lip balm, quick snacks to a ballcap for trips out to the schoolyard.

Switching gears from summer fun to a new school year is a snap with a little preparation. Think about what your kids will need to make the grade, and try some of these handy products to help simplify life both inside and outside the classroom.