16 IKEA Items to Get Your Home Organized for the New Year

DRÖNJÖNS Desk Organizer

Photo Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Photo by IKEA

A new year often brings a new urge to reorganize spaces or simply get organized. Cliché? Maybe, but nothing beats the feeling of tidying up a room, desk, or bathroom counter that's gone a little too long without a system in place. And, it's hard to find a store better prepared for those organization sprees than IKEA.

The Swedish superstore knows its stuff when it comes to creating products that look good but also give items a permanent place. On a large scale, it's equipped with storage units, closets, garment racks, and cabinet sets, but it meets those micro-level needs, too. Everything from tiny tack holders to cord tangle prevention products has been thought up.

If your goals, resolutions, or intentions for this year include tackling the messiest corners of your home, here are 16 different products from IKEA that are worth considering for the great spruce up of 2022.

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    TORNVIKEN Kitchen Island

    TORNVIKEN kitchen island


    Homes without a built-in kitchen island can still get the same feeling and organizational benefits with this compact version from IKEA. Smaller cooking spaces will doubly appreciate having that extra set of shelves for storing pots and pans and counter space for prepping.

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    SORTERA Recycling Bin

    SORTERA recycling bins


    Let 2022 be the year where that jumbled recycling bin is transformed into a streamlined and—dare we say—chic system. There are two sizes of SORTERA recycling bins to choose from, giving users a roomy space to store cans, bottles, cardboard, and glass all in their respective spots until it's time for collection.

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    RÅSKOG Utility Cart

    IKEA RÅSKOG cart


    The RÅSKOG cart from IKEA has a bit of a fan base already. For the uninitiated, there are a lot of hacks and design tweaks you can make to customize it to your needs, whether a new craft and hobbies organization system is in order or just a place to store more houseplants. And, for $39.99, it's hard to not find a purpose for one.

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    MOSSLANDA Picture Ledges

    MOSSLANDA picture ledge in oak


    All those pictures and decorative objects you've been meaning to hang and find a place for amongst your bookshelves will finally have a chance to shine with these sleek picture ledges. Even more enticing is the fact that they don't require a labor-intensive installation.

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    NIKKEBY Clothes Rack

    NIKKEBY clothes rack in green gray


    This year, a clothing rack like this is the key to ensuring all the outfits you decided against won't end up on the floor or on your accent chair. (That accent chair deserves better.) This NIKKEBY clothes rack) comes in a soft mossy green as well as a playful red, meaning your new garment rack can serve as both a storage solution and a fun, decorative pop of color.

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    KALLAX Shelf Unit

    KALLAX shelf with books and decor


    The KALLAX system is another beloved line thanks to how easily it can be customized and molded to a room's purpose. Once-neat bookshelves that are now overflowing and items that just don't seem to have a permanent home can be resolved with one (or two) of these shelves.

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    NÄTADE Wire Basket

    NATADE wire basket


    Organization is much more fun with products that are stylish enough to be left out in the open. And this wire basket certainly fits the bill. Laundry basket? Throw blanket storage bin? Decorative piece for the empty corner? With a little imagination, it can really be anything.

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    RÅGRUND Sink/Corner Shelf

    RAGRUND sink shelf


    Tackling the overcrowding happening around the sink isn't anyone's idea of fun. But having a little extra space when you brush your teeth or wash your face is always a perk. A no-fail solution? Bring in a chic but condensed corner shelf—such as IKEA's RÅGRUND—to tuck away those soaps, washcloths, and extra skincare products.

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    SKÅDIS Pegboard

    SKADIS pegboard in room cupboard


    What cluttered corner can't be cured with a little pegboard love? The SKÅDIS variation is small enough for cupboards and petite living spaces but big enough to handle your own take on this malleable trend. Hang up pens, paper, and other bits and bobs, and add a succulent for a little burst of life to an otherwise straitlaced organizational unit.

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    DRÖNJÖNS Desk Organizer

    DRÖNJÖNS desk organizer with items in it

    Anyone working from home knows how easy it is to go from a clean desktop to one strewn with paperwork, pens, and other desk accessories. Something as simple as the DRÖNJÖNS with different compartments can make a world of a difference in corralling errant office supplies.

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    SALUDING Laundry Basket

    SALUDING laundry basket


    Laundry is undeniably mundane, but viewing the space and the objects used through a design lens can at least make it look nice (sigh, it still needs to be done though). An aesthetically pleasing laundry basket is one way to go about it, especially one that can handle being in damp places like bathrooms or mudrooms, like IKEA's SALUDING. It's also perfect for hiding those piles in the bedroom when time isn't on your side.

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    CHIAFRÖN Plant Pot

    CHIAFRON plant pot in grayish white


    We're all guilty of leaving a plant or two a little too long in the nursery pot it came in. If you have a few that need transplanting into a fresh planter to really complete your houseplant family, these pots will do the trick. They come in four different colors and will instantly turn a haphazard collection into a cohesive little jungle.

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    RAJTAN Spice Jar

    RAJTAN spice jars in drawer


    The spice cabinet can be an exciting place when it comes to culinary adventures in the kitchen, but it doesn't take long to become disorganized. Take stock of all those half-empty bottles—and maybe rediscover a spice or two in the process—and store them in glass containers. This maintains order and makes all your favorites easy to find.

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    LÖRBY USB Charger with Clamp

    LORBY USB charger on desk


    Unsightly wires can be a pain to organize and keep tangle-free. It's not as pretty as a well-arranged bookshelf, but having chargers and cords living in harmony with the rest of your space is possible. This charger-meets-clamp is one way of doing so, but IKEA has plenty of other wire organizers, too, for those who really want to tackle these messy electronic knots.

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    SAXBORGA Jars and Tray

    SABORGA jars and tray in bathroom


    Wandering cotton balls and half-opened boxes of cotton swabs are a reality of bathrooms. But if you're looking for containers that will round everything up into neat collections, the SAXBORGA set is the answer. Its four jars and tray stow away essentials and free up counter space.

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    BJÖRKSNÄS Nightstand

    BJORKSNAS nightstand in bedroom


    A great nightstand is essential in making your bedroom feel organized and creating a comfortable nighttime routine. This particular nightstand is sleek and minimal but creates a place for your favorite evening reads and all the other items that make winding down for the night a peaceful experience.