14 Genius IKEA Picture Ledge Hacks

mosslanda ikea shelf


IKEA is a land of practical, useful and relatively inexpensive items for every room in the house. You can find everything from plastic bowls to an entire set of kitchen cabinets. And the internet loves to take IKEA products and find new ways to use them. One of the Swedish company’s more popular products is the Mosslanda picture ledge. And the web has gone crazy finding new ways to use the shelving for more than just pictures. Here are some of the most unique things you can do with this affordable wonder that comes in six colors.

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    Remote Control

    Remote control shelf

    Sleepy Creative Co

    When space is tight, you need to make use of every inch in the room. Free up some floor space in the living room by using this trick from Katie at Sleepy Creative Co instead of adding end tables. Line up one or several shelves behind a couch and you have a handy spot to park the TV remote and a cold drink.

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    Off the Rails

    Train storage

    Stacy's Savings / Stacy Wilson

    It isn't just stuffed animals that get lost easily. Any mom of littles knows exactly how frustrated a kid can get trying to fish their favorite tank engine—or one of his friends—out of a toy bin. Blogger Stacy Wilson of Stacy's Savings used these picture shelves to get back on track. She hung a few of them on the wall for easy display so each train can be seen and reached easily for play.

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    Book Nook

    Nursery storage

    Lydia Nordhoff / Lydi Out Loud

    Kids love books, and they seem to multiply all on their own! Corral them on a few shelves and give children an easy way to see their favorites, all while keeping the room tidy. Lydia Nordhoff, founder of Lydi Out Loud, set up this adorable nook for her nursery.

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    Get the Hang of It

    Necklace shelf

    Broader Borders

    Don't you just hate it when your necklaces get all tangled up? No one has time to sit and sort their jewelry every time they want to use it. With the use of an IKEA shelf, you won't have to. Simply screw in a few hooks, evenly spaced, on the underside of the ledge and you have the perfect place to keep your favorite adornments ready to wear.

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    Cat’s Meow

    IKEA cats


    A lot of people love to find other uses for IKEA products, but for this one, the company hacked itself with an unusual idea. If you have a kitty that loves to climb, give this a try. Install ledges of various lengths at different stations along the wall and watch your furry friend get some energy out—and entertain any visitors. You can even add rug pieces to some so the cat can sharpen their claws safely.

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    Storage Headboard

    Storage headboard

    Jules Yap / IKEA Hackers

    If your bedroom is short on space, or you just want a spot to keep small items nearby, you can attach several picture ledges to a headboard to form hideaway shelving, like the one Jules Yap did in this picture. It’s the perfect place to store magazines, books, a water bottle and even your phone. 

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    Spice It Up

    IKEA Mosslanda spice rack

    Dotty Dishes

    Not every kitchen has space for a spice cabinet. If you are a cook who is big on flavor but short on space, hang a shelf nearby and have quick and easy access to parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

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    Stuff the Shelves

    Stuffie storage


    If you have kids, then you have stuffed animals and other plushies. Everywhere. When a child can't find a favorite friend, things can go south pretty quickly. Instagrammer@amberly_mom2twins came up with a solution. Put all the stuffed animals and other pals on a few shelves and not only are they easy to find, they also serve as decor for a child's room.

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    Color Your World

    LED accent wall


    Whether you are a gamer or just need some color—literally—on the walls, this cool hack from Evan washes the space in red, blue and green. The user hung a few Mosslanda shelves, added a light strip, did some other caulking and finishing touches and ended up with a fun space that looks elegant as well.

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    Weekend Warrior

    Tool storage

    Jules Yap/IKEA Hackers

    Mosslanda to the rescue, even in the garage, as IKEA Hackers show here. Drill small holes in the bottom, then hang a shelf or two to hold all your screwdrivers and other similar tools. You won’t have to go hunting for them when you need one, stat.

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    Smells Like a Winner

    Perfume shelf

    Maria Gonzalez/Graceful Order

    Maria Gonzalez of Graceful Order organized her master closet using, among other items, an IKEA shelf. She used the shelf to display her perfumes so she could easily spot a signature scent to fit her mood for the day.

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    Crafts Without Clutter

    Ribbon rack

    Heath Ashli Taranowski

    Cats might like to get tangled up in ribbons, but people generally are less happy about it. If you are a crafter who loves to add ribbons or other spooled materials for your creations, take this tip from Heath Ashli Taranowski. Hang as many ledges as you need, lined up vertically and spaced evenly, and set rolls upright. This keeps everything neat and allows you to see exactly what designs you have and how much you have of each kind.

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    Dryer Duty

    Clothes rail

    Claire H/Wren Cottage Life

    Claire H of Wren Cottage Life needed a place to hang clothes in her spare bedroom, so she summoned her creativity and created this hack. She added a rail to the bottom of the ledge and added hooks for hanging clothes and anything else she fancies.

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    All Charged Up

    Tablet holder


    Who has time to look all over the house for a tablet or a phone and their charging cables? Instagrammer @bemmizzy_diy solves that problem by using a pair of Mosslanda ledges as charging stations, keeping them all in one spot, up and out of the way.