These IKEA Finds May Look Expensive, But They're All $10 or Less

So many practical and chic items!

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There’s something about IKEA that when you go to the store or shop online, you go in with the intention of getting one particular item and you end up coming out with an entire new vision for your entire house. 

Whether it’s their exceptionally pre-styled rooms that make you reconsider your original furniture and decor picks or the extremely affordable prices of vases you didn’t know you needed, every time we visit IKEA we discover an affordable hidden gem that we can’t live without. 

Spring is right around the corner and that means time for a little sprucing up inside your home. Since we’ve all been spending more time than usual at home, we think we deserve to give our living spaces a little refresh. Starting at $1.99, IKEA carries everything from planters to throw pillows and wall art that will instantly give your space the refresh you’re looking for. Here are our 21 favorite IKEA products for $10 or less.

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    CHIAFRÖN Planter, $3.99

    CHIAFRÖN Planter at IKEA


    Give your indoor or outdoor plants a fresh look for spring. The soft pink color of this textured planter plays nicely against your green friends.

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    DYRGRIP Wine Glass, $3.99

    Dyrgrip wine glasses on black dining table with white plates and bowls


    Stop overspending on glassware. These beautiful wine glasses look just as expensive and nice as popular brands, if not even better. Plus, if you or a guest accidentally breaks one of these you’re not going to be upset at having to buy a new one.

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    ROSENHÄTTA Serving Tray, $4.99

    IKEA Rosenhatta serving tray


    A cheery floral patterned tray is perfect for serving everything from breakfast in bed to cocktails outside. When it’s not in use, instead of storing it away try propping it up on your countertops with a book or cutting board to add a little extra pop to your kitchen.

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    GRIBBOL Knobs, $3 for 2

    IKEA GRIBBOL knobs


    One of the easiest things you can do to give your old or new IKEA furniture a little upgrade is by swapping out the classic black knobs for these modern brass pulls. They’re easy to install and will instantly make your furniture feel a bit more luxe.

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    KRANSBORRE Round Pillow, $7.99



    One of the most affordable ways to change up the look of your decor is with throw pillows. This 16-inch round pillow against the square pillows you already have on your couch is the fresh contrast you’ve been looking for. Using a variety of shapes gives visual interest and dimensions to your space.

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    VALLENSVED Doormat, $7.99



    The playful pattern of this beautiful doormat will happily greet your guests every time they arrive at your house. It instantly adds an extra element of fun to your entryway.

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    MARKNIVÅ Brass Giraffe, $5.99

    IKEA MARKNIVÅ Brass Giraffe


    Say hello to your new little friend. Standing in at just over eight inches tall, this giraffe is the perfect whimsical addition to any of your shelves. Great for kids rooms or for a fun conversation piece in your living room. 

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    MITTBIT, $3

    IKEA MITTBIT placemeat


    The easiest way to play with colors and trends on your tabletop is by swapping out your placemats. Not only are these beautiful, they’ll also protect your tabletops from any scratches from your place settings. Bonus: they’re machine washable and won't shrink!

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    HÖSTMYS Decor, $5.99



    Swapping out your decor each season can get expensive. This textured ball of florals is perfect to keep up all year round, and is a fun and easy way to add color and texture to your home decor.

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    BELÖNING Milk Chocolate Moose, $4.99

    IKEA BELÖNING Milk Chocolate Moose


    Finally, an excuse to play with your food. You’ll have to go in store for this milk chocolate moose, but it’ll be worth it. The chocolate comes in three pieces that you can easily assemble to create this fun standing moose. The best part is when you’re done you can eat it! 

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    IKEA VATTENKRASSE watering can


    Never forget to water your plants again. With a watering can that looks good on your shelf when it’s not in use, you’ll always be reminded that it’s time to give your plant friends a drink of water.

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    FLÅDIS Storage Basket, $9.99

    IKEA FLÅDIS Storage Basket


    The easiest way to get organized. Pop the handles up to hide your things, or turn them down to display the contents—you choose. This chic multifunctional basket is handwoven and adds a natural vibe to any space.

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    KNARREVIK Side Table, $9.99



    This simple black nightstand is a minimalist's dream. Use it next to your bed or sofa to rest your beverages, books and essentials. If you don't love the look of having items out on the bottom shelf, use a basket to hide your belongings.

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    INGIARA, $9.99

    IKEA INGIARA pillow cover


    Refresh an old pillow that you have with this embellished pillow cover with poms that looks super luxe, without the high price tag.  

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    LAMPAN Lamp, $9.99



    This lamp is seriously one of the coolest items we’ve seen at IKEA lately. It looks like something you would find in a designer store, but for a fraction of the price. Instantly add a fun pop of color to any space with this mod lamp.

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    BILD Botanical Prints, $6 for 4 pack

    IKEA BILD Botanical Prints


    If you’ve ever looked into buying artwork, it’s safe to assume you quickly realized that it can get quite expensive. These beautiful botanical prints won't break the bank and will look beautiful spread out or all together in your home. Frames not included.

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    FEGEN Slippers, $7.99

    IKEA FEGEN Slippers


    Reach peak hygge in these fuzzy booties that you can easily slip into to keep your feet warm even on the coldest days.

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    FEJKA Artificial Plant, $7.99

    IKEA FEJKA Artificial Plant


    Plants instantly liven your space, but if you’re prone to killing them, opt for an artificial plant. It looks just as good visually and you don't have to worry about any maintenance. Ikea carries a wide range of living and artificial plants, for a fraction of the price you would find them at a nursery.

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    SÄLLSKAPLIG Bowl with Lid, $5.99

    IKEA SÄLLSKAPLIG Bowl with Lid


    This beautiful bowl looks like it was passed down generations in your family. Set it on your vanity to catch your jewelry or place it in your kitchen with candy for when your sweet tooth hits. No matter how you use it, it’ll add a little vintage charm to your space.

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    IKEA 365+, $4.99

    IKEA 365+ CARAFE


    If one of your new year's resolutions was to drink more water, don't pass up this chic carafe. Fill it up, bring it to your desk and you won't have any excuses as to why you can’t stay hydrated. Bonus: it looks super chic sitting out on your counter. Holds 34 ounces.

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    NÄTVERK Napkin Holder, $1.99



    Keep your napkins standing upright and organized in this beautiful pastel napkin holder. The subtle pop of pink will instantly brighten up your tabletop decor.