Ikea is Releasing a Line of Phone Charging Furniture

Lamps and Tables That Charge Your Smartphone Wirelessly? Yes Please!

My cell phone charger is never within arm's reach. It's either hiding in one of my handbags or it's plugged into a random outlet at home or the office. Is it a calamity? No--but annoying? Yes--I waste precious time every week trying to figure out where I left it. I also dislike the cord clutter my charger creates.

If you're like me, Ikea may have the perfect solution for our ongoing charger drama. They're releasing their first collection of phone charging furniture. All you...MORE need to do to power up is place your smartphone on the spot marked "X" (see image below.) Sounds easy, right? But there's a catch. 

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    The Qi Standard

    RIGGAD Task lamp with wireless charging. Ikea

    The Swedish retailer's first collection of electronic furniture is only compatible with devices that use the Qi standard. If you're not in the know, neither was I until I googled. It's the leading standard for surprise (!) wireless charging. 

    To find out if your cell phone is in sync with Qi, you can visit the Wireless Power Consortium. If it's not, you can purchase Ikea's VITAHULT charging a cover.  It will enable select Apple iPhones and Samsung smartphones to work with...MORE Ikea's entire wireless charging range.

    Shown here is the RIGGAD work lamp. Price: $79.99.

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    What's in the Collection?

    VARV, Floor lamp with wireless charging. Ikea

    Ikea's latest collection includes side tables, computer desks, work lamps, floor lamps, as well as freestanding charge pads that will turn any surface into your home or office into a smartphone charging station.

    Shown here is the VARV Floor Lamp with Table. Price: $119.

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    What About the Kids?


    The kids aren't left out of the charging fun. The MICKE computer desk and the STUVA desk/loft bed (shown here) will also be compatible with Ikea's wireless charging range.

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    What About Availability?


    The Wireless Charging Collection is being rolled out in Ikea stores across the globe. The Swedish retailer says the range will hit store shelves in the U.S. later this Spring. Prices will range from $9.99 to $119. For more information about the stock prognosis in your area, visit the Ikea website.