Ikea Sniglar Crib Review

Ikea Sniglar Crib
2014, Ikea

Have you seen the Ikea Sniglar crib? Even if you haven't walked past it in an Ikea store and pondered the ultra-low price, you've probably seen one of these simple cribs in a nursery photo or two.

In a world where parents can spend thousands of dollars buying a crib, it's easy to overlook a simple crib that costs just $69.99. But Ikea's Sniglar crib, though it has a funny name, is no joke. This basic crib has found a home in many nurseries around the world, from budget to high-end, thanks to its low-key style that fits with almost any decor.

Low Cost, High Style

Sniglar comes in just one color, and it's the raw wood in its natural color. The crib is made of solid beech, and has simple, squared off slats around the whole frame. There are two mattress height positions.

While the rather plain look of the Sniglar crib may not excite you right off the bat, consider that lots of more expensive modern look cribs also feature straight slats and not much else. Natural wood is also a popular finish on much more expensive cribs.

Any crib can be dressed up with pretty crib bedding to create a nursery theme. The soft color of the wood looks equally as nice next to bold, bright bedding as it does with a neutral palette.

Non-toxic paints and stains are readily available if you want to add some color to the Sniglar crib. You could paint the whole crib, add crisp stripes on the spindles, or paint a unique pattern on parts of the crib. That $70 price tag gives you plenty of wiggle room in the budget for adding splashes of color to the nursery!

Looking for inspiration? You can find many examples of the Sniglar crib, plain or painted, on Pinterest.

Is It Safe?

Some parents worry that such a cheap crib might not be sturdy enough to be safe. It's a valid concern, to be sure. However, U.S. crib safety standards got a major update in 2011, and all cribs sold in the U.S. have to meet those standards.

Each crib has to be tested as though a toddler is jumping on it. The hardware has to meet strength regulations. The slats and mattress supports need to be tested for durability. While there isn't much to the Sniglar crib, it is sturdy. The savings come from the simple design, and not at the expense of safety.

Three mattress height positions are pretty standard for cribs today, and the Sniglar crib only has two. That's one drawback, but it's not a huge disadvantage.

Ikea recommends that you use one of their crib mattresses with the Sniglar crib, so that's our official recommendation, too. However, a quick search online shows that plenty of parents are using a non-Ikea brand mattress in this crib without any gaps or fit issues. For a safe sleep space, the mattress needs to fit the crib without leaving gaps where baby could become entrapped, and without bending or slanting as it would if the mattress were too big for the crib. Check out these tips for choosing a crib mattress, and also take a look at some of the best crib mattresses available today.

You can take off one side and use the crib as a toddler daybed. Extra rails and pieces aren't required to make that change, which is very nice.

Some other cribs require the purchase of accessory rails and slats to make any conversions. The accessories for other cribs cost can cost more than the entire Sniglar crib does! This crib doesn't convert to any other modes, though, such as a full-size headboard. But again, with the savings in your crib budget, you can purchase a headboard later.

Overall, the Sniglar crib offers a beautiful minimalist look at a price well below most other cribs, even those in the budget category. It's nice to look at right out of the box, but it can also be dressed up in ways to fit any nursery decor. While it doesn't have loads of extra features, it has the basics, and for baby's sleep space, that's usually plenty. The Ikea Sniglar crib is definitely the best budget crib available today, and may be one of the best cribs overall for a balance of style and cost.