The Best IKEA Storage Hacks and Products for Small Bedrooms

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    Get Your Small Bedroom Organized

    ikea closet makeover

    Your pint-sized bedroom is in complete disarray. Clothing, shoes, and other essentials are piled everywhere even after konmaring. It's called tiny bedroom syndrome, and lucky for you, it's 100 percent curable. In fact, the right furniture and accessories will clean up wardrobe clutter stat. To get you started, we dug deep to find the best affordable IKEA hacks and ideas for small bedrooms.

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    IKEA Hack: Platform Bed

    ikea platform bedroom hack

    Small space dwellers have been using IKEA cabinets to create their dream kitchens for years. After installing new ones in her kitchen, Noraelli, from Oh Yes Blog, was inspired to create this dreamy platform storage bed using nine base cabinets. Her swoon-worthy yet practical creation not only freed up valuable closet space, but it also transformed her single room studio into two designated areas: a living room, and bedroom.

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    IKEA Hack: Double Duty Shelf


    Need a place to hang clothing? This idea transforms a simple shelf into a double duty storage solution. To do, just add a rail from one of IKEA's hanging systems like FINTORP or GRUNDTAL to the shelf's underside.

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    IKEA Hack: DIY Clothing Rack

    Dos Family

    You put clean clothes in a closet and toss dirty ones in the hamper. But there's nowhere to put once-worn stuff, so it piles up on a chair or dresser.

    This IKEA picture ledge hack will clean up the clutter once-worn items creates. To DIY, just add an IKEA rail like the BYGEL to the underside of a KNOPPÄNG picture ledge. Afterward, mount to a wall. Now you'll have a spot to let not-so-dirty-clothing air out before you wear it again.

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    IKEA Hack: SEKTION Storage Bed


    Need a big time storage solution for a closet-less small bedroom? Look no further than this ingenious IKEA hack that uses METOD kitchen cabinets to create a platform storage bed. So that you know, the METOD series is not sold in the U.S., but you can recreate this project using SEKTION base cabinets.

    This savvy solution combines multiple drawer cabinets, with two-door options with shelving to create a massive bedroom dresser. The finishing touch is the shoe rack that uses two rails from...MORE IKEA's FINTORP series. To learn more, watch this video.

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    IKEA Idea: MALM Storage Bed

    IKEA MALM storage bed

    Don't have the time, patience, or skill to hack bedroom storage? IKEA's MALM bed is a real space saver that will conceal your entire wardrobe under the mattress. 

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    IKEA Hack: Trones Headboard

    Ikea Trones headboard hack

    When Timothy Barrett and his wife were expecting their first child, they hacked their IKEA Brimnes bed frame to fit some of their baby's stuff. This tutorial explains how they used six IKEA Trones shoe cabinets to add space-saving bedroom storage​.

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    IKEA Ideas: Hate DIYing?


    You hate making your bed but not as much as DIYing. No worries! A few pieces of inexpensive furniture can help you create tons of bedroom storage space like this IKEA BRIMNES bed with bottom drawers and KALLAX shelving unit that can double as a footboard.

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    IKEA Hack: DIY a Built-in Closet

    Ikea RASTA Closet Hack
    Homemade by Carmona

    If you're dealing with skimpy closet storage, you're not alone. Even expert DIY'ers like Ursula from Homemade by Carmona have itty bitty bedroom closets. She tackled the problem by crafting a freestanding solution using two IKEA RAST dressers and melamine board. The result? A space saving custom wardrobe that cost less than $200. 

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    IKEA Idea: Rolling Underbed Storage

    Underbed storage

    Not sure what to do with that messy shoe pile?  Clean it up using an under the bed storage box like IKEA's BRUSALI. It's mounted on rolling casters, which makes accessing stuff kept under your bed frame super easy.

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    IKEA Hack: Create an Accessory Wall

    handbag storage in bedroom

    You love your handbag collection so why not display it on your bedroom wall? To do, you'll need to mount a towel rack like IKEA's HJÄLMAREN or coat hooks like IKEA's BJARNUM.

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    IKEA Idea: Headboard Storage

    IKEA MALM storage headboard

    If you love to read in bed you will adore IKEA's BRIMNES headboard. It's three useful compartments, which all have holes for cables and cords, are perfect for stashing books, glasses, smartphones, tablets, and even a small laptop.

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    IKEA Hack: Display Your Gems


    Inside your jewelry box is a knotted heap of baubles and trinkets. This DIY necklace rack by the crafty blogger who pens Broader Borders prevents delicate chains from tangling.

    To make you'll need an IKEA picture ledge like the KNOPPÄNG or MARIETORP,  and a twist-on cup hook for each necklace. Next, using your hands, install the cup hooks on the underside of the ledge. Afterward, mount your new jewelry rack to the wall.

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    IKEA Idea: Who Needs a Closet?


    Do you have a closet-less bedroom? Consider this: All you need is a blank wall to create much-needed storage space.

    For example, you can line the wall behind the head of your bed with a clothing rack, or even better, an IKEA STOLMEN open wardrobe as shared above. The latter is super easy to configure based on your unique storage needs by adding any combination of drawers, rails, shelves and more. Another good to know: Keeping your stuff behind your headboard keeps it all out of sight while...MORE you're hanging in bed.

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    IKEA Hack: Sweet Little Built-in

    diy built-in nursery dresser ikea hack

    This idea transforms an awkward corner in an attic bedroom into a built-in dresser. To make you'll need a PAX wardrobe, BRIMNES dresser, and a BILLY bookcase. FYI, you can save a bundle if you buy all three items secondhand on Craigslist. For more DIY deets check out this tutorial.

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    IKEA Idea: Ultimate Storage Wall

    ikea closet makeover

    Many prewar New York City apartments at best have a couple of shoebox-sized closets or worse, none. The latter was the case for Chloe Daley. Lucky for her, five experts from IKEA's Home Tour Squad came up with a solution using a mash-up of IKEA products. Now Daley has a storage wall that feels more like a giant walk-in closet. Jealous? We are too. You can peruse the before and after photos here.