IKEA Takes Us To Brazil With The Tillfalle Collection

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    IKEA Takes Us To Brazil With The Tillfalle Collection

    When it comes to IKEA, most of us probably feel like we have a pretty good idea of what to expect. We look for clean lines, neutral colors, a Scandinavian design aesthetic and an endless number of DIY, furniture-hacking possibilities. In fact, we’ve been expecting these things from the one-time mail order company for quite a long time now, which is why IKEA is one of the most trusted names in furniture and decor, with pieces that can been seen everywhere from dorm rooms to penthouses. All of...MORE which is why it’s so amazing when a brand that you’ve known so well for so long does something to surprise you — like taking a stylistic detour from Europe all the way to the beautiful and brilliantly colorful culture of Brazil.

    Collaborative design collections are nothing new for IKEA. In keeping with its core philosophy of democratic design, the brand is always looking for new ways to expand the boundaries of its Scandinavian design perspective. As a result, IKEA has made a habit of creating partnerships with innovative designers for experimental, limited edition collections that take the brand's aesthetic in new and exciting directions while retaining all of the core qualities that make IKEA the cornerstone of home decorating that they have been for years. Often the collaborations revolve around a fusion of cultures expressed through accessible design. 2014 saw them partnering with the creative collective, ArtRebels, for the Danish-inspired Brākig Collection, while last year's Sinnierlig Collection paired the Swedish powerhouse with British designer Ilse Crawford. This year, the Tillfalle Collection is taking this global fusion concept all the way to Brazil - for a look at IKEA like we've never seen it before. 

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    Tillfalle Cabinet

    To get inspiration for the new collection and decide just how far they could push their signature look, IKEA sent a team of nine designers, led by creative leader, Mette Nessen, to Sao Paulo, one of the world's most populated cities and the financial capital of the country. For forty-eight frantic hours the design team immersed itself in Brazilian culture. The trip saw them returning to their workshops breathless and inspired to create innovative new pieces like the Tillefalle Cabinet.

    The...MORE Tillfalle Cabinet epitomizes the kind of cultural fusion that runs through this entire collection. An array of cheery colors, reminiscent of the Brazilian national flag, highlight the sleek frame, popping against the warm wood tones provided by the eucalyptus veneer that covers the piece. At the same time, the cabinet sports the type of clever, minimalist design that is the hallmark of all IKEA furnishings. The sliding doors on the top and bottom levels allow the piece to take up less room than a unit with swinging doors would, while also giving the option of using the open portions as opportunities to show off collections or prized pieces.  

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    Tillfalle Rugs

    Featuring a classic, black-and-white color palette, the rugs in this collection are designed to bring a strong dose of eye-catching pattern to your floors. Inspired by the mosaic-tiled streets of the famous Copacabana neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, these flatwoven rugs show the same pattern on both sides. That makes occasional flipping a smart way to avoid frequent cleanings. The hypnotic, undulating wave patterns on the two rugs offered in this collection are sure to be a beautiful addition to...MORE any room as well as an easy fit into most color palettes.  

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    Tillfalle Drum Stool

    With numerous strong influences from various African cultures, particularly those from present-day Angola, drums are a big part of Brazilian life and identity. Whether it's the intoxicating rhythms of samba dancing, the passion and pageantry of carnival or the deceptively beautiful movements of the unique, Afro-Brazilian martial art, Capoeira, the drum is a constant and driving force in many of Brazil's most engaging art forms. So it's only fitting that, when looking for ways to...MORE blend the rhythmic feel of Brazilian culture into their furniture lines, IKEA would create at least one piece in homage to the object most responsible for keeping the beat.

    The Tillfalle Drum Stool is a model of functional simplicity. Made from eucalyptus wood, the long legs hold the seat at a height of a little more than sixteen inches. Soft padding at the top is covered by leather that is stretched and bound across the seat to resemble a tumbadora - known in English as a conga drum. The warm colors of the wood make this a wonderful complement to neutral heavy spaces, as well as some of the lighter wood tones that IKEA produces.  

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    Tillfalle Jar

    For the kitchen, the entryway credenza, or anywhere you need a little extra storage, the Tillfalle collection offers this stylish earthenware jar. Another piece inspired by the streets of Copacabana, the tiled pattern that decorates this jar is also available on wall tiles, seen with the jar in the image above.   

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    Tillfalle Pillows

    The pillows in this collection are easily among its most colorful and pattern-heavy pieces. Perfect for brightening up any room, the pillows echo many of the patterns seen in other parts of the collection, occasionally in bolder colorways for added impact. By themselves, these pillows offer a fun pop of color along with eye-catching patterns for a great complement to living rooms of nearly any design style. But when matched with other pieces from this collection, they create layers of colorful...MORE design that can help elevate the room for a whole new look. 

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    Tillfalle Lamp Shades

    One of the real strengths of this collection is it's diversity. It touches on several areas of home decor, including wall tiles, textiles, and even lamp shades. The Tillfalle Lamp Shades give a unique, personalized look to a lamp or pendant. Available in cork or 100% cotton, they come featuring an assortment of designs that speak to various aspects of Brazilian culture, including the Amazon rainforest.

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    Tillfalle Candle Holders

    Large and striking, with intriguing silhouettes comprised from a unique combination of curves and lines, the Tillfalle Candle Holders are undoubtedly one of the crowning achievements of this collection. Carved from solid mango wood, and covered in black lacquer, these pieces are as sculptural as they are functional. To add to the fun, IKEA is offering four different variations on this design, with a range of different heights and widths. Pair two of the same size together for a stylish,...MORE candlelit tabletop, or mix and match the sizes in a larger group to create a truly special visual display.