You Need to See IKEA's New Line of Portable Small Space Furniture

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    It's Also Affordable and Multifunctional.

    The IKEA PS 2014 Wardrobe. Photo courtesy of IKEA

    You won’t find sofas and beds in the IKEA PS 2014 collection –- or anything else that can’t be easily carried to a fifth floor walk up. “On the Move” is the theme for this smart line and it’s targeted towards young urban adults who live in tiny places and move every few years.

    Of course, other people will be clamoring for this line of compact double-duty furnituresince it’s easy on the eyes and wallet.

    You can check out my favorite picks from the collection on the following pages.

    The USA edition...MORE of the IKEA PS 2014 collection will be available April 2014.

    Shown above is the IKEA PS 2014 wardrobe, a portable closet with loads of storage space. It comes with a clothing rack and two shelves yet it's still light enough to get around town. Price: $179. Dimensions: W39¾×D23?×H73?".


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    The Corner Cabinet

    IKEA PS 2014 Corner Cabinet. Photo courtesy of IKEA

    Plug this cabinet into a corner and you'll instantly have a stylish storage spot in a space the usually goes to waste. You can check out the cabinet's interior here. Price $99. Dimensions: W18½×D18½×H43¼"

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    The Storage Table

    Photo courtesy of IKEA

    This colorful storage table consists of four stackable trays that are perfect for stashing odds and ends. This would make a great side table for a bed or sofa. There is one bummer, this item won't be available until July 2014. Price: $69. Dimensions: Ø17?, H17¾"

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    Wall Shelf with Hanging Rack

    IKEA PS 2014 Wall Shelf and Hanging Rack. Photo courtesy of IKEA

    Prop this shelving unit against any wall to instantly create space for coats, clothing, books or other items. It's even sturdy enough to be used in the kitchen, check out this photo. Price: $49.99. Dimensions: W29½×D12½×H58¾".

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    A Wee Greenhouse

    Photo courtesy of IKEA

    Now you can add a little green spaceto your small place.  The greenhouse can hold up to three potted plants. It's narrow, so it can fit on most windowsills. It can also be hung on a wall.   Price: $29.00. Dimensions: W18×D7×H17¾.

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    A Tree Like Coat Rack

    Photo courtesy of IKEA
    Don't have extra closet space? This hat and coat stand can store your outerwear. Price: $29.99. Dimensions: Ø17¾, H59".
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    An Adjustable Pendant Lamp

    This pretty pendant lamp makes my heart go pitter-patter!  You can adjust the intensity of light by pulling on the lamp's cords. When it's closed, the light is dimmed. When it's open, the light is brighter. You can see it in action here.  Price: $69.99.

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    A Desk Fit for a Laptop

    Photo courtesy of IKEA
    Here's a secretary desk that allows you to have a workstation in the smallest of spaces.  Open the desk and you have a spot to work on your laptop. When you're done, just stash your computer inside the desk's roomy storage compartment and close.  Price: $189. Dimensions: W35?×D17?×H50.
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    Vertical Garden Plant Stand

    Photo courtesy of IKEA

    This plant stand makes it easy to create your own vertical garden indoors or outside on a tiny balcony. Price: $34.99. Height: 118".

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    A Simply Perfect Table

    Photo courtesy of IKEA
    This table can seat up to six people for dinner and makes a great workspace.  It has a drawer on each end that's perfect for cutlery and craft supplies. It will be available June 2014. Price: $199. Dimensions: L47¼×W29½×H29?.